What is 2nd Gen OLED??
This Tiny PC SHREDS!
It's time to break up.
Have we gone MAD??
Smell-O-Vision is REAL
AMD did NOT disappoint me
Xbox Series X vs Series S
The Herd Mentality PC
The ALL MSI Gaming PC!
DON'T buy AirPods… yet
Apple iPhone 12 REACTION!
Mistersillyb Meme god
Mistersillyb Meme god Vor 16 Stunden
70$ for a pillow? Yeah I’m good
Falk Wiechers
Falk Wiechers Vor 16 Stunden
@4:29 Haha, it got a memory clock of 4.266 kHz
ItzDragonCW Vor 16 Stunden
can i have one
ImmortalDuke Vor 16 Stunden
Armchair bench please
Deadalus3010 Vor 16 Stunden
Whats the song at 9:38?
Alan Vor 16 Stunden
If we can make 100 core CPU can't we can make GPU better?
Traktorbenny Vor 16 Stunden
Help the channel by writing mean things..... Well if you say so.
Sparrix Vor 16 Stunden
And how high is the battery life of this ultrabook now exactly?
1RnSghT Vor 16 Stunden
the drop the ball to drop headphones should be the transition...
NoooUGH Vor 16 Stunden
The Surface series from Microsoft is a lot closer to the Mac experience on a Windows than this.
Luixmod xmod
Luixmod xmod Vor 16 Stunden
Dennis is a gold mine if you want to upgrade the linus tech tips to linus tech comedian:D
Prevenant Vor 16 Stunden
what a notebook? cause macs aree shitttt
Diego Solis
Diego Solis Vor 16 Stunden
they just put windows on a macBook lol
Iron Helper
Iron Helper Vor 16 Stunden
he just a editor not a pc whiz
Tusumi Vor 16 Stunden
Gigabyte to Terabyte as in Terrible... Thanks for the good laugh Linus xD
emanuel noel
emanuel noel Vor 16 Stunden
linus trying to put up painting of seattle dennis: no that go on floor
Ryan Twomey
Ryan Twomey Vor 16 Stunden
halo mcc lol
Mayo Yoma
Mayo Yoma Vor 16 Stunden
Dennis is ELECTRIC
Jack Vor 16 Stunden
Iuri Da Cunha
Iuri Da Cunha Vor 16 Stunden
Summary: THIS PROJECTOR SUCKS... but the responsiveness tho
Tucker Aylo
Tucker Aylo Vor 16 Stunden
You should liquid cool the projector to get rid of the fan noise.
XSportSeeker Vor 16 Stunden
I wonder how this would compare to GPD Win 3...
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis Vor 16 Stunden
did anyone else notice the evga logo on that laptop? 1:46
ivoknievel Vor 16 Stunden
I'd like Autobot laptop from AMD ;)
Tenspeed Vor 16 Stunden
Can it run Mac OS only apps like LPX and FCPX? No? Then it's not a MBP Killer.
One Arm Steve
One Arm Steve Vor 16 Stunden
I'd rather buy a big nice 4k TV
Joey Keilholz
Joey Keilholz Vor 16 Stunden
"[...] dropping the ball in the last year or so" Unless you mean you've given them a hard time for just a year, they've been dropping that ball since 2014
Pranay Gohel
Pranay Gohel Vor 16 Stunden
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia Vor 16 Stunden
Linus is racist
Ben Sinor
Ben Sinor Vor 16 Stunden
Linus has braces??
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Vor 16 Stunden
Of course he uses brown switches. Sounds like Linus.
Ryan Twomey
Ryan Twomey Vor 16 Stunden
my grandma loves windows solitaire just like my father loves minesweeper
KreativKurve Vor 16 Stunden
*reading title* voices in my head: Moin moin meine aktiven Freunde.
Kenotek Vor 16 Stunden
12:09 There's a hair on the left finger.
GrumpyBear Vor 16 Stunden
How well would PUBG run on it?
GamerBunnyx Vor 16 Stunden
I'm not just a gamer, I'm a lifestyle gamer
boznia Vor 16 Stunden
9900k is known to get hot so I'm saying Intel would be hotter. 10900k is a cool chip than what people think.
Terry G
Terry G Vor 16 Stunden
1500usd how is that cheaper than m1 macbook pro and m1 macbook air that you guys compared with?
Hunter Forsberg
Hunter Forsberg Vor 16 Stunden
This shows Linus has aged in the first two he wanted the most ridiculous 18 core cpus and custom water cooling and whatever his daughter wanted In this video she gets an 8 core with an aio because it’s practical and you never have to drain the loop
AzzoFresh420 Vor 16 Stunden
why the fuck would anyone pay 70 dollars for a throw pillow
watercannons collaboration
watercannons collaboration Vor 16 Stunden
Linus, calling a macbook from 2015 is actually a compliment, a lot of us are still on the OG retinas because of ports and lack of reason to upgrade
ZT Tax
ZT Tax Vor 16 Stunden
It’s to loud.... water cooling?!???
Bryce Steiner
Bryce Steiner Vor 16 Stunden
"This might be the windows laptop for apple fans." - uh... It's not so much the laptop as the OS.
Daniel Griffiths
Daniel Griffiths Vor 16 Stunden
If I cheated you can take the ceiling light away. By the way, earlier, when I said the "sleeping" light, I meant that the light goes to sleep (it's broken)
foxtrap614 tango
foxtrap614 tango Vor 16 Stunden
I would like to know if they actual used it 8 hours a day for 3 months as a dedicated monitor. We love to see if there is any permanent image retention.
Cody Maclean
Cody Maclean Vor 16 Stunden
Hey Linus! I’m building my own gaming pc that’s around $3000-$3400 and was wondering how to get a decent gpu since I can’t find a good one for a reasonable price or one that’s available currently
Stoweby Vor 16 Stunden
Did Linus have a dental appointment before this shoot or something? He has a bit of a thing going on here. Like he has a retainer in.
freedustin Vor 16 Stunden
heh heh...he said "stuffed with dongles..." heh heh.
King_Miah2010 Vor 16 Stunden
Hi Linus tech tips I am getting this keyboard called Tecknet mechanical keyboard of Amazon and I want you to see if it is good is it possible?
Adam Kawka
Adam Kawka Vor 16 Stunden
id put it in instead of a window and scare the shit out of people with like a meteor flying towards or even put it in a wall as a aquarium and all you have to feed the fish is power.
Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Vor 16 Stunden
First thing I said to myself... nice door
Raymond Dokholyan
Raymond Dokholyan Vor 16 Stunden
We'll all die In the end
We'll all die In the end Vor 16 Stunden
I think I'm picking up on his segways
dieschlange0910 Vor 16 Stunden
Anthonys voice is amazing, can he sing?
Offilaw Noone
Offilaw Noone Vor 16 Stunden
It costs a lot for a laptop with a bad screen. I don't like macs (Apple as a whole), but they are actually cheaper if you take about the performance and build quality (M1 air has the same price as this one, for 8GB RAM 512 SSD model and much better screen). I really don't like Apple, but WTF is wrong with you Windows laptop makers?!
pop up Poyser
pop up Poyser Vor 16 Stunden
I've always had x3 monitors its awsome then i went to the G9 odyssey...... Instant regret!!
Ronan B
Ronan B Vor 16 Stunden
PC for life. Just got a Macbook Pro M1 and wow... i'm very impressed, and with trade in + discounts/sales, it was nicely priced.
Evoque Media
Evoque Media Vor 16 Stunden
rip caselabs
Giwl Gwamer UwU
Giwl Gwamer UwU Vor 16 Stunden
Dennis probably tried sell them fake iPhones but they get him a job. And they never hsould give him 5K $
Joey Keilholz
Joey Keilholz Vor 16 Stunden
Intel makes deals with nvidia to make sure AMD CPUs can't be paired with Nvidia GPUs above RTX 2060. Fucking disgusting companies.
lordchaos3819 Vor 16 Stunden
Do they thing gamers are suckers? Yes [/endvideo]
Nelgoose Vor 16 Stunden
4:41 "...leading to one of the smoothest log in processes that we have ever encountered." **proceeds not to show the process**
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez Vor 16 Stunden
7:34 missed opportunity to segue to a manscaped ad
Joshua Balmores
Joshua Balmores Vor 16 Stunden
Well i mean if intel gave me $5k i would definitely do the same thing as Dennis and do a little bit room transformation
UnjustifiedRecs Vor 16 Stunden
Linus's nails are beautiful @ 8.58
cryomanc3r Vor 16 Stunden
Digging the red braces, Linus. Takes me back to working at a middle school.
Bee Vor 16 Stunden
"Did we make it?" "No thanks"
Jacket Spice
Jacket Spice Vor 16 Stunden
would have been hilarious if they used Dennis for the "minimalists in the office" scene
nobodynemoq Vor 16 Stunden
Good to see Intel not giving up after M1 release. Competition is always better than monopoly, so Go Intel Go!
Travis Welton
Travis Welton Vor 16 Stunden
LOL at the dodgeball reference.
Jarl Erak
Jarl Erak Vor 16 Stunden
it's funny the way the literal instant intel makes an engineer CEO they start getting good press again
Wade Epperson
Wade Epperson Vor 16 Stunden
intel should just ditch that logo on the side or make it smaller ??? maybe just put intel in the middle of it, or even the logo without the words i dunno something more sleek than what that eyesore is lol
Omega7321 Vor 16 Stunden
Would prolly get a really Siiiick drawing tablet, an upgraded graphics card, tons of storage for backups and some instruments to learn and a mini sound cancelling recording booth for music and foley :D
Aliex Folgueira
Aliex Folgueira Vor 16 Stunden
1080p is a non starter
mmaster23 Vor 16 Stunden
Riley, this script really sucked. And stop with your "impromptu" yelling throughout all the videos you write. It's bad. _really_ bad.
Breoyer Vor 16 Stunden
I get 3-5 mb per second and it took 2 hour to download Minecraft 😂
DanZi Rulez
DanZi Rulez Vor 16 Stunden
I used to be a PC myself. There are Macbooks and there are PC laptops that are still just PC laptops. Have been waiting for a worhty competitor for ages, but it will never come unless some company finally recognizes the total integration between the hardware and the software. I became a Mac awhile back.
Alex Vor 16 Stunden
“Intel doesn’t make laptops, they makes excuses” *Apply cold water to burned area*
claude vienne
claude vienne Vor 16 Stunden
I'm on a pentium G3258 16go 1600 and a 5500XT just good for american truck simulator ... but soon AMD and the ryzen r5 3600x will be good friends, the 5500XT will remain as well as the SSD which will be replaced by an NVME later and will end up on my old configuration to make a NAS server ^^ with liquid cooling the computer is in the living room ^^