AMD did NOT disappoint me

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After nearly a decade struggling under Nvidia’s GeForce GPUs, AMD’s Radeon is finally back on top - Assuming AMD’s marketing was true. But is there enough here to recommend?
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Lost in Kansai
Lost in Kansai Vor Tag
Just bought it today after i got discount voucher for any(only 1)pc parts that i want 👊
Yossman Vor 2 Tage
35fps on Minecraft in 2021? Even with RTX on I mean it's nothing to write home about.
Siddakid Vor 2 Tage
“And Radeon 6900 XT.... nice” 1:16 Man Linus you had me laughing so badly😂😂😂 thanks for being funny with your videos I really appreciate it😂
Bimsara Kumarasinghe
Bimsara Kumarasinghe Vor 2 Tage
My gpu yo
Shyalu Verma
Shyalu Verma Vor 3 Tage
6700xt should be a midrange one if it is Evan a thing
Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - Velphord
Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - Velphord Vor 4 Tage
3:59 - at least its 1% low is better than RTX lol
Chuck Rogers
Chuck Rogers Vor 5 Tage
OK , so do some testing with an NVEDIA card in an an AMD MTB . . . . . were waiting
Blablou Bloubla
Blablou Bloubla Vor 7 Tage
If you listen closely, you can hear "nice" after the "6900xt" 1:13 Well done Linus
Traian Ivanescu
Traian Ivanescu Vor 8 Tage
Thank you for the video. I looked tor Micro Center's link into the description and I couldn't find it. Just to let you know. Have a lovely day.
Pedro Pinho Vítor
Pedro Pinho Vítor Vor 8 Tage
i am a 47 years old school guy and just saw Linus review about AMD 6k series and... What a biased payed Nvidia review 😳!! Not a fanboy of anyone... ATM I have 3 desktops at home, mine (RTX 2080 ti) and my daughter´s (GTX 970) « and my son´s (RX 6800) and i was blown away with the biased review from Linus!! The 6k amd series trade punches with nvidia 3k series at raw performance, btw 6800xt is even better at raw Fps than 3080 and The 6800 non xt is clearly better than the 3070 at raw FPS! So if you want Ray tracing yes go with nvidia if not, there’s not much to argue, you should go with AMD, if you can find one available at MSRP... Linus conclusion that he cannot recommend buying a AMD 6k series card shows how biased this review was!
JimR Vor 10 Tage
Linus: "AMD did NOT disappoint me" Every Consumer: "You're the only one, then."
Elenito I. Aquino
Elenito I. Aquino Vor 10 Tage
I don't even really care how powerful each of those graphic cards, the point is I don't even have one. Radeon Vega 11 just literally saying to me, just watch for now kid soon you'll get one.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Vor 11 Tage
I still have an ati 9200, r7 250, and HD 7790 laying around lol
Alex Cheetah
Alex Cheetah Vor 11 Tage
I still have my 290x graphics card
Shredhead 666
Shredhead 666 Vor 11 Tage
Also everyone keeps talking about dlss, well if u want something similar for amd use sapphire trixx boost.
Shredhead 666
Shredhead 666 Vor 11 Tage
You know when nvidia is embarrassed when they're rushing to get a new card out to 1 up amd (3080 ti). They need to replace it before people start to catch one and say "i paid more money for only 10gb?"
DeadlyVenom Vor 13 Tage
Performance of 6800XT does not justify the price. Costs more than a 3080 which is a superior card.
Gurg Vor 15 Tage
And here I am watching this with my Jerry Rigged R9 280x :D
Saleem AlSawarim
Saleem AlSawarim Vor 15 Tage
In my country the rx6800xt is 916 dollars
Daniel Roy
Daniel Roy Vor 16 Tage
amd big advantage: you can actually buy their product
bernhard85 Vor 16 Tage
sorry but most of us arent real content creators at all let alone making a living off it so the nvidia features dont really matter to me as long as the gpu gives me the best possible performance and visual sharpness and clarity i can get then im good with whoever has the better results in those, not who makes a cool app to change my camera or mess with my background, i mean logitech has been changing the background for years and they arent getting a special shout out.....
Anderson Junior
Anderson Junior Vor 15 Tage
it don't acctualy give that atleast not with ray tracing on.
M4x505 Vor 19 Tage
Rtx 2060 or Rx 5700xt? (Ryzen 5 3600x)
WattmetryCZ Channel
WattmetryCZ Channel Vor 19 Tage
03 Anant
03 Anant Vor 19 Tage
Lol what is Microsoft Flight Simulator even doing with the hardware .... And I thought GTA IV and Crysis were poorly optimized
Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing
Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing Vor 19 Tage
Dr li why you fight your uncle
Liam O'Neill
Liam O'Neill Vor 20 Tage
Big Navi was hyped as the Nvidia killer so I am disappointed.
Mathew Santiago
Mathew Santiago Vor 20 Tage
#translation you were never gonna get the card. They just built up the hype too much. So eBay made more than them.
Mathew Santiago
Mathew Santiago Vor 20 Tage
#it wasn't a paper launch it was a miner launch the scalpers just got it first. #capped
Mathew Santiago
Mathew Santiago Vor 20 Tage
Yeah because you still get paid even more.
Mathew Santiago
Mathew Santiago Vor 20 Tage
The answer is they don't care, they get paid either way. Literally anything out of thier mouth is or or spin #you are literally not fucking ready.
Mathew Santiago
Mathew Santiago Vor 20 Tage
Hey nvidea, this one is for you and Linus and anyone burned by bullshit. So here is logic. So you don't cater to miners. Ok So why don't you have a card dedicated to miners? Optimized for them so they get exactly what they want and they stay in thier own fucking lane? #hard shit
WolfPack101 Vor 20 Tage
Everything is sold out 😐
nospam 1950
nospam 1950 Vor 23 Tage
I can't find a graphics card. Wish I had one of those, Linus!
SilverWatchdog Vor 24 Tage
Happy with my 3080 but the 6800xt looks solid. Get the one that is available
Spazzm Vor 24 Tage
Nvidia: you can’t beat me Amd: I know but he can Driver updates
Issa Issa
Issa Issa Vor 24 Tage
OMG u so look like Howard Wolowitz - when u talk :!!!! but i really like u video keeep doing and big thanks
Mechanical Macroni
Mechanical Macroni Vor 24 Tage
so basically nvidia only holds two trophy ray tracing and rendering amd has all the rest
Boocat Vor 25 Tage
Why is no one talking about 10gbvram vs 16gbvram
H3ADSH0T1 Oof Vor 21 Tag
Cuz that does not effect performance here
HYPIDYPI Vor 25 Tage
Oh AMD will beat nvidia eventually...
Wing Zhan
Wing Zhan Vor 25 Tage
you should make a video show us where and how to buy any of these.
Aakanksh Bhandari
Aakanksh Bhandari Vor 25 Tage
These mythical videos are going out of hand
Saabjock Vor 26 Tage
I am let down. Let down that I can't buy one.
Viktor Gorlov
Viktor Gorlov Vor 26 Tage
Bruh csgo on low on 4:3 2000 fps+ for sure
Quantum Plutonian
Quantum Plutonian Vor 28 Tage
I think my plan will be to get a Ryzen 5000 series CPU, and pair it with a 3080. After a few years when AMD perfects their ray tracing and SAM, I will go AMD. I hope.
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells Vor Monat
This must be one of those paid Nvidia puppets!
KevoZebo Vor Monat
Why does my Radeon 6800 on use 200 watts at peak power? Are the rest of watts used for fans?
honkydook Vor Monat
The thing is, this review honestly should be more positive. This is the first time AMD's had a comparable card in years, that alone means something.. and it means that if this review was in a more positive light.. People would go out and buy from them. Leading to next year being even better. I'm sick of this Nvidia = da best cuz most features. Lets be real here, the only one that matters is DLSS. And most games don't even have support for it. Very few people are buying cards to render anyways. It's a gaming card, does it produce good fps? Then yes, recommend it. Stop overthinking it.
Anderson Junior
Anderson Junior Vor 15 Tage
review should be generally for all users.
Thor Gaming
Thor Gaming Vor Monat
Honestly for $50 cheaper this is a steal. As long as you dont use ray tracing all the time.
Jose Vix Jayoma
Jose Vix Jayoma Vor Monat
AMD fanboys: "My time has come"
MwaveAu Vor Monat
Linus literally does not age!
All the talk about AMD going to be the top dog in GPU and NVIDIA scared shitless... Well now NVIDIA is back on thier high horse smoking cigars. 6000 series is not the team green killer. Cyberpunk is proving that
Thumper Hunts
Thumper Hunts Vor Monat
i have no idea what is being said
Frank AutiWele
Frank AutiWele Vor Monat
Well atleast they're still playing catch up with gpus. 💭
AionicMusic Vor Monat
future is the future and no one use intel by then
President Grant
President Grant Vor Monat
Guys what do his graphs mean by like 99th %ile min and stuff like that im having trouble understanding
Kenny Agne
Kenny Agne Vor Monat
once again amd is always second-__- and they lied that they said they can beat the 3080, honestly a $50 difference cant justify me going to amd if they release a card that can beat nvidia with the same price or cheaper maybe thats the time i’ll go amd
Kenny Agne
Kenny Agne Vor Monat
@Hector lol i can wait my gtx 1080ti is till hanging on
Hector Vor Monat
Haven't you heard? You buy what you can actually get your hands on this gen, not what is actually best for you.
Egert Kanep
Egert Kanep Vor Monat
Little hint, there is a renderer called LuxCoreRender that supports both OpenCL and Cuda and is open source.
super hero
super hero Vor Monat
To my knowledge, AMD does not have an AI team in both hardware or software. Their game performance might exceed NVIDIA someday but their AI capacity is still so far behind and seem like they can't reduce the price to compete either. It is still a long way for AMD to be comparable with NVIDIA to be honest.
Jimmy Simmons
Jimmy Simmons Vor Monat
"But then again, you can't buy an RTX card at the moment" yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah I got lucky and picked upa secondhand 2060 Super from a coworker. I am thankful for my blessings.
Silent Woodfire
Silent Woodfire Vor Monat
Step 1: Upgrade monitor to modern standards Step 2: Research new machine layout Step 3: choose card now
mitzrael1599 Vor Monat
Wow Linus, agree with other comment below, AMD did not disappoint, only thing you do is bash the card, and about that kinda like DLSS resolution, here take a good look at a friendly reviewer, take good notes here, AMD is right, Native resolution, even with their super resolution they worked on, not gonna use it... Ray Tracing yeah ok eventually, but still not perfected, and surely not super needed yet... Rasterization still does a superb job, yes Ray tracing WILL be better no dought... Will still buy both company a card anyway, when i can get my hand on one lol Kinda like maybe something like 8K "DLSS" let's play with fake resolutions now, there is not just fake news, there is fake resolution also today... loll Gamers Nexus video:
Honest Straightforward Reviews
Honest Straightforward Reviews Vor Monat
Hey! Love you channel. I am kinda stuck with something. I need a little help. Do you know how to connect a RX 6800 XT to a Razer Core X? :) I would really appreciate any help that you may be able to provide. The Razer Core X that I use has two 8-pin connectors. Whereas the Asrock Taichi RX6800XT that I got has three 8-pin connectors.
Thomasdk1405 Vor Monat
Biased towards the green color ? DLSS - clever but zoom in and.... Nvidia often has jumping fps than amd - more constant here. Rayreacing is a joke - all over where I need to compare off vs on Im having hard times seeing the difference - other than the huge impact in fps. Ps5 and new xbox is based on amd hw meaning developers will aim for this and take that into account. Glad other reviewers like HW unboxed and others think differently. Nvidia has sucked out our money for way too long - time to support team red this time. Btw I have gtx 1080 now !
rmx687 Vor Monat
The Fury X traded blows with the 980 Ti in 2015 and performed better in 4k.
Kevin Bissonnette
Kevin Bissonnette Vor Monat
'' AMD did not disapoint me ''' Man i hope your kids are not getting that kind of '' you don't disapoint me '' either.
Edgar Quintana
Edgar Quintana Vor Monat
Ay my boi Atrioc featured in the vid :)
Kaylem Vor Monat
The good news....... In 2024 most of us will have saved enough to by "a" new card
Martin Vor Monat
Ticxs 796
Ticxs 796 Vor Monat
But you see the future is now old man. THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!
Bas Vanbeek
Bas Vanbeek Vor Monat
I still rock that Radeon R9 290x
Trance Emerson
Trance Emerson Vor Monat
sounds like AMD DID disappoint you, Linus.
Purified_Bottled_Water Vor Monat
I like how Minecraft is a benchmark now
BDS44 Vor Monat
I really hoped amd will beat nvidia but after played with ray tracing myself, id say its an extremely important factor these days with more upcoming ray tracing game improvements and exclusive titles.
Thrackerzod Vor Monat
I had a R9 270 back in the day, was a glorious time to be alive. I mean... I was also running an FX processor so... Maybe it wasn't all that great.
Admiral Fyyar
Admiral Fyyar Vor Monat
But can it run SW KotOR?
SUCRA Vor Monat
Lovely. Hopefully these can be found on the shelves soon and maybe I can get a used 2070 or something for cheap.
Vor Monat
Vega launch was probably AMD's best launch ever for all the wrong reasons however, the cryptominers bought them in bulk on launch.
nervaproject Vor Monat
What are the best GPUs for VR?
N0 XxM3RCYxX Vor Monat
idk sounds like you are shittin on amd. lol
Davis Lewis
Davis Lewis Vor Monat
Wow... This Is the best and legit vendor to get Cc *Dumpsdark* on telegram he sells the best Dumps + pin ever I just got mine... And he also taught me how to use my Bitcoin can't believe I made $8,000 within 3days thanks alot man you are the best💯
Erik Lindahl
Erik Lindahl Vor Monat
Just noticed... Why the heck are you using letterboxed videos on DEpost? Stop being weird, go 16:9.
Penfolduk001 Vor Monat
Doctor Who - when your AMD Radeons become self-aware... 🤣
Sami Hyppia
Sami Hyppia Vor Monat
Where is DLSS at AMD ??? Where?????????? They want 650$ for rtx 3080 performance - and yet have no response for DLSS ?!?!?!?!?!
klaus pedersen
klaus pedersen Vor Monat
If i should switch to amd's 6800xt 50$ cheaper is far from enough when i see how much better the 3080 is with rtx on, plus the dlls second gen. And the 6800 only 70$ less than the xt, totaly stupid, it should be priced as the 3070 or less. Ofc just my opinion😊😊
John e
John e Vor Monat
lol @ people thinking Amd's rx6800xt launch would be any different from Nvidia's. Gamers were like: "fuck nvidia I swear my allegiance to AMD now" little did they know. lol.
khirasier Vor Monat
in australia the 6800xt is like 400-600$ cheaper than a 3080 right now so it seems very appealing for us
Rovin Mangal
Rovin Mangal Vor Monat
Nvidia will always have the best video cards.
The Deer YT
The Deer YT Vor Monat
Linus can I have a tech tip?
Gamer Lightning nr 1
Gamer Lightning nr 1 Vor Monat
2021 1 january im gone buy The best one for the year
Marco Peralta
Marco Peralta Vor Monat
So, which one would you buy for ultimate gaming experience, rx6800xt or rtx 3080
BlockListed Vor Monat
Me who plays Minecraft with ultra low graphics and optifine on 1.8.9: Yes very interesting Minecraft rtx
Hakan Ozdemir
Hakan Ozdemir Vor Monat
Hi Linus what card do you recommend for graphics design work and heavy graphics rendering. These cards are game focused so I wanted to get your opinion. Budget not an issue
Neil Vor Monat
See the problem with nvidia is that their drivers are terrible. On Linux, they barely even work. This is more than enough to convince me to go amd.
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich Vor Monat
Well, they disappointed me, because they said it wasn't going to be a paper launch, and it was! 😭
Just a pc gamer
Just a pc gamer Vor Monat
I don’t know which one to take (when they will be in stock), rx 6800 xt or rtx 3080? I play è sports and rt games
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson Vor Monat
I’ve been wanting to build a gaming rig for 3 years now. But every month crazy new tech comes out.. so I keep putting it off... yeah... still haven’t built it. And glad! When does it end!?!?
Duong Dinh Chien
Duong Dinh Chien Vor Monat
The fascinated pump apparently need because mother concurrently peep qua a conscious peen. left, thundering goose
Aarav Mehta
Aarav Mehta Vor Monat
linus: amd did not disapoint me proceeds to list disapointing things
Luke Hess
Luke Hess Vor Monat
any 3090 club out there?
Burton Guster
Burton Guster Vor Monat
Not a vr review? Disappointed
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