Apple M1 Looks REALLY Good - WAN Show November 20 , 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of AKA Xtreme)
0:11 Welcome to the WAN SHOW
0:44 M1 Reviews; Later at : 2:49
1:17 AMD RADEON 6000; at 41:01
1:32 Apple drops App store fees; at 52:57
1:51 DEpost update; at 1:05:09
2:11 Intro
10:21 lol just Rants
19:39 lol another Rants
22:53 Reviews explained
27:01 Quest 2 video discussion
27:46 Question
31:15 Linus talks, why he don't use "Reviews"
34:22 Comment
35:36 lol, Linus flip flop
36:47 - 40:51 Sponsors
39:06 lol
48:34 lol, button to Rage Quit
52:24 another comment
1:00:34 short circuit long sleeves update
1:04:26 mouse pad update
1:08:48 This happened to me too
1:10:11 Oppo Extending Phone
1:13:43 Intel Announcement
1:16:15 Superchats
1:17:25 uff 🤣
1:19:16 User Benchmark, not for tech lords
1:23:01 Superchats
1:27:57 Story of Linus as a 8yr old
1:29:09 Luke's Story
1:33:50 Thank You
1:34:45 Outro

JJ Smith
JJ Smith Vor 23 Tage
The ludicrous south africa phylogentically spot because september weekly whine outside a sudden castanet. precious, brief liver
josir1994 Vor Monat
Apple: Give us Windows on ARM but we won't pay license Also Apple: No Mac OS on anything but Mac
Franco Giardino
Franco Giardino Vor Monat
I'm one of those people. I click on every LTT, QB, SC and TL video because I love tech and your content is always entertaining, no matter what product you cover. Regardless of that, I have liked some videos more than others and I try to be honest when I'm thinking about hitting the like or dislike button, no matter what video I watch. Keep it up 👍 Happy holidays!
Sawta Vor Monat
I hate the idea of lying to kids, but that story about Luke's Dad and the crystal ball is genius! Make it so it's something that's uninteresting that your kids won't want to try and open it. "Guys, I've never told you this before, but when me and your Mom first met she used to be into stilt walking. I managed to find some really, really nice carbon fiber stilts online. Make sure no one looks inside so it'll be a huge surprise for her."
Ali Alhayki
Ali Alhayki Vor Monat
Maybe creating responsive web apps will be easier than actual apps, from my experience in creating these have a good response when resizing the screen live (sorry not good with words) may solve developer's issues for the oppo phone, maybe even a lot of other phones.
Frosty. Vor Monat
for the whole showcase/review/unboxing issue where you dont want to waste characters in the title, you could just starting having a small badge in a designated corner of the thumbnail that always says what.. genre(?) a video is. like a tagging system
nem tudom
nem tudom Vor Monat
51:37 What the hell are you even smoking? BOTH the amd and nvidia cards cost more than they did the last generation......
PixelSlayer TV
PixelSlayer TV Vor Monat
32:10 that’s me watching every video. Engineering student🤓🕵🏼‍♂️ who else loves technology
Kirby Vor Monat
Why do we have so long rants about some shitty comments that doesn't represent the majority of viewers at all.
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Vor Monat
The marvelous berry maternally cough because poison morphometrically crash during a gullible gusty donna. omniscient, lazy jacket
X314 Vor Monat
DEpost has gone full blown bullshit in the last 5 years, adding ads to every video is pure asshole if the creator gets nothing, there's already an extreme amount of ads to begin with, maybe 2 years ago I'd consider youtube premium but now it's adblock or nothing. DEpost you've completely lost my respect and I can get most of what I currently listen/watch on twitch. I hope we get a new platform and you get crushed you already rich greedy pieces of shit
The Deer YT
The Deer YT Vor Monat
Linus can I have a tech tip?
Rannon Vor Monat
My largest problem with (you) clickbait titles is that I've had problems finding the video again because it the title didn't contain the name of the product or even what kind of product it was (e.g. experimental cpu cooler).
Burton Guster
Burton Guster Vor Monat
I think what's good is a vr gpu review!
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Vor Monat
32:57 Linus's real name confirmed after all of these years of confusion. Linus F. T. Tips.
Jakub Dziekan
Jakub Dziekan Vor Monat
I see what you guys mean now with those comments. I dont mind Linus going on a rant though, its interesting to hear his point of view sometimes like that.
kirito kirigaya
kirito kirigaya Vor Monat
Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices
Shooter Q
Shooter Q Vor Monat
32:57 Linus's real name confirmed after all of these years of confusion. Linus F. T. Tips.
Benjamin Fraeyman
Benjamin Fraeyman Vor Monat
Heres me waiting about a month already on my 5900x
Benjamin Fraeyman
Benjamin Fraeyman Vor Monat
Linus keeps chasing the algorithm. One day it'll outrun you. Dont waste what you have.
D I Vor Monat
I think the other reasons Apple ignored AMD is because there has never been an AMD based MacBook Pro
DuffMcDraw Vor Monat
I think it might be purely because of the naming conventions.
Paul McGee
Paul McGee Vor Monat
Only Linus has a sacred definition of ... "review" as a video category. 🙂
Piotr Gajdowski
Piotr Gajdowski Vor Monat
luke looks tired man, allow him to sleep linus, he is still a human!
HateG Plus
HateG Plus Vor Monat
I have been watching this for a week now. Keep falling asleep during it. Been putting it on as the last thing before bed.
David Vor Monat
Day 150 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁
tupolev141 Vor Monat
I used to read pages and pages of reviews of CPU's etc on Toms Hardware and Anandtech in the good old days. These days, peoples attention span is SO short, they're looking for and treating a 10 min video as an all encompassing review
dbauernf Vor Monat
Come on, Luke. At least read the WAN doc before the show. Also, might as well not be in the show how little you talk, but that's more on Linus. Someone should figure out how many minutes of talk time is between them, it's a huge difference. Sorry. I'm having a bad day. I love you guys.
Speak out and remove all doubt!
Speak out and remove all doubt! Vor Monat
What do you think Apple's high-end desktop chips will look like? A lot of the performance and efficiency of this M1 chip comes from the on-package memory. Having ultra fast, low power memory on-package not only means data can be accessed much faster but it also requires a lot less power to do this compared to normal DIMMs of DDR4, the only issue is it's relatively expensive, especially when you need a lot. I think the entire Apple performance philosophy will rely on this design, so I could see there being a 32GB, 64GB and 128GB version of the CPUs for the high end desktops. Although at $200 per 8GB that would mean a 128GB chip would cost $3200 in RAM alone and that's using the much cheaper DDR4L when I believe they might (should) move to HBM. There is a chance they will still max out at 16GB or maybe up to 32GB of on-package memory, then rely on having a secondary slower 'normal' RAM option, maybe DDR5 depending when these come out, that can be configured to huge capacities at slightly more palatable prices. But my money would be on Apple producing a monster chip (similar in design to the Fujitsu A64FX chip) with something like 128GB of ultra fast HBM, 8 layers giving around 4TB/s of bandwidth, to be used as the unified memory for the whole chip which is then directly connected to a PCIE 5 'hyper-drive' SSD over 16 or more lanes. These could actually be very fast, offering up to 128GB/s on PCIE-5 (over 16 lanes). Also PCIE-6 isn't that far off, probably 2023 which doubles this again to 256GB/s. These speeds are actually faster than 8 channels of fast DDR4 and you can make these drives much larger and cheaper! We really could see the death of normal DDR memory on DIMM with a move to ultra fast on-die / on-package system memory plus ultra fast SSDs. Latency might be an issue but a small price to pay for the overall massive performance boost we would see from a shift to system designs like this. As ever the main enemy on monster chips is heat but ARM architectures have a massive advantage here over x86 plus switching to HBM rather than DDR will help a fair bit too. I could see the top end Mac Pro Chip in 2021 looking something like this: 32 core CPU (all high performance Firestorm cores) 128 core GPU 128 core Neural Engine 128GB HBM Built on TSMC's 5nm+ (it's too early for 4nm or 3nm) Price: ~$15-20k
Fido Dido
Fido Dido Vor Monat
@1:19:50 You said you been called out of touch coz you don’t use user benchmark The funny thing is you did few times :) and I commented on how you shouldn’t have done that. Because now every one will start using it And these videos didn’t say enough warning about it but was more likely : There is no smoke without fire so.. so many user benchmarks indicates that this is better so it’s most likely better bla bla , In other videos you mentioned take it with grain of salt but some of them you didn’t . Which was bad move.
Vieri Adhitya
Vieri Adhitya Vor Monat
please hire the rig reboot girl, she's hilarious.
Jose Philip
Jose Philip Vor Monat
Just to see nonsense
sneakerjoe23 Vor Monat
Lol doesn’t matter if you don’t want it or not. Complaining you didn’t get a PlayStation early so you can do a good video is still a privileged issue. Sony doesn’t need to privilege you so you can make easy DEpost money. Plenty of others console game focused channels are much more important than you in that scenario.
sio wat
sio wat Vor Monat
The dictators kill the first one to stop clapping. Don't stop clapping until you see somebody else stop clapping first. That is how they clap for hours for Kim Jong Un!
tanvirjenev Vor Monat
So this was my experience in germany trying to buy ryzen 9 5900x The launch was at 3 pm. I sat infront of the pc and the site partially crashed. NICE. Stuff partially loaded and then WOW. Ryzen9 5900x was sold out. ‘’Wow how? It didn’t even load the whole time... what else is still available?’’ Ryzen 5600x and 5950x...Might as well try buying one.... click.... express checkout.... checkout page not loading completely...fml....oh it loaded after 15 MINS! No confirmation Page.... ok... next day confirmation email of the purchase. 1 week later finally my cpu arrived... the 5950x. Background Info: I am studying engineering in the food technology field and recently have lectures on programming especially data management, I had no pc at that time and so I had to build one powerful and reliable. I will also be doing CAD in the future so I am glad that I managed to get this cpu, but honestly it is .....Overkill and I still find it funny how it turned out. I love it
craig sawyer
craig sawyer Vor Monat
This one's for you Linus,
Off-Grid Optimist
Off-Grid Optimist Vor Monat
How come y'all can pronounce the word "again" but you fuck up the word "against"?
Rowan Paul
Rowan Paul Vor Monat
Old man yelling: part 2
Twinnie Vor Monat
46:00 Absolutely right... i wanted a 5900x but had no chance to get one. So i changed plans to a i9-10900k because it was easy to get one at a really good price and i don't wanted to wait any longer. I waited months for the Ryzen to update my rig and then they just fucked up their launch... despite AMD promising they won't have the same problems as Nvidia had...
Taremwa Hartley
Taremwa Hartley Vor Monat
Me: Just like the video and go on… this video is one hour long ☺️
drxart Vor Monat
Yeah I from that 1 min rap video of Linus,
Luke Stringer
Luke Stringer Vor Monat
In dreams defense he's got 13mil subscribers now getting around 10-40mil views a vid so I think he's fine with the first one not getting paid lol currently view count 1,131,583,530 lol he's good
Luke Stringer
Luke Stringer Vor Monat
When you get 1000's comments and read 4 bad ones and belittle the majority, keep it up, guys love being reminded how much better the people who pay for your streaming service are compared to the others. PS Linus, you don't need to address people hating in the comments like, well, myself now lol your channels are great. Just keep doing what you have been to get views. As long as you mentioned early on its sponsored most, logical people can understand why you don't want to ruin the title by adding the word "sponsor" to it.
Jason Quinn
Jason Quinn Vor Monat
I wonder if the Wan Show could be more than Linus defending or explaining opinions from the previous show. Eats up sooo much of the hour when the boys could be talking about... I don't know... news?
Stanislav Kozliakovsky
Stanislav Kozliakovsky Vor Monat
apple fanboys crying in comments...priceless "your tone was insuuuulting"
Brandon Dyke
Brandon Dyke Vor Monat
Can I upgrade my MacBook Air that doesn’t have the m1 chip to the m1 chip
Anon Vor Monat
Ichabaud Craine
Ichabaud Craine Vor Monat
Dude, I mean the tone of the M1 video was overwhelmingly negative for a chip that is massively impressive. You can be wrong about something, let it go
Ichabaud Craine
Ichabaud Craine Vor Monat
Also you deffo meant “it’s an iPad without a screen” as a diss. This revisionist shit is just embarrassing
Shaham Wadood
Shaham Wadood Vor Monat
eat your own word shit linus.... you sounded so biases that i had to unsubscribe
Goran Gligorin
Goran Gligorin Vor Monat
Knowing Apple, they included free apps with no in-app purchases into those 98%...
qwerty22 Vor Monat
Petition to change the show name to the LAN shown: Linus Analysis and News
TechGoggles Vor Monat
The wan show, more like whine show
TechGoggles Vor Monat
Omg hes so unhappy hes not getting free hardware... wow
SubzeroDev Vor Monat
We maybe witnessing the beginning of the end of Linus... More and more clickbait video titles. Keep saying not a fan or hater, but double down on bashing apple without even seeing the device yet. Seriously, when did apple ever have a problem convine developer to migrate to new platform? The incentive is better than anything else. I'm saying this as a life time windows user. Never use a mac.
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez Vor Monat
Help me get a ps5!
Dennis Rigdon
Dennis Rigdon Vor Monat
Russ Vasquez
Russ Vasquez Vor Monat
I'm waiting for M2, M3, ... That would be great, for the story.
Russ Vasquez
Russ Vasquez Vor Monat
The M1 chip is just the beginning of the transition to another new range.
Ludovic Migneault
Ludovic Migneault Vor Monat
1:02:45 I only worked on games for mobile for a short while, but this is what made me realize that Apple is B.A.D. We had some trouble with this, but 6 months? Holly S....
Luke Wheeler
Luke Wheeler Vor Monat
Linus, I’ve just listened to this episode on Spotify and I think this has to be said. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding reviews and showcases etc. and these issues seem to be directly related to the way you choose to title and structure your videos. I mean we all know you change the title of videos hours after initially uploading to abuse the system... That’s besides the point though. Your channel has through many changes over the years, and your old style of very relatable and topical videos has completely disappeared. This is not a criticism but clearly your audience is struggling to understand what road your channel is taking, and quite clearly what the purpose of the content they are watching actually is. “This video was edited on an iPad Pro” is a great title, but what were we supposed to take from that video? Are content creators supposed to run out and buy an iPad Pro? Am I supposed to go and buy one to consume media? The fact that you had to clear up so much of this on this episode clearly proves a point. I know you won’t respond to this, and if you do it’ll be the usual snide and defensive thing you reply to almost all critical comments of your channel, but it had to be said.
Frazier L
Frazier L Vor Monat
Anthony in the thumbnail is guaranteed clicks
TheDecree93 Vor Monat
i love you linus. I adopt you and Paul into my family
Saeed M
Saeed M Vor Monat
Lol he literally said he want early access to make more money and he doesnt care about the product 🤣
Yukon Willeh
Yukon Willeh Vor Monat
you cant even sell yellow margarine in Quebec...
Cole Mickens
Cole Mickens Vor Monat
Yaaaas x2. Set expectations. It's really that easy. In life, at work, in relationships, set expectations.
Cole Mickens
Cole Mickens Vor Monat
Yaaaas! You're a tool if you don't adapt to new information. Fucking preaaach.
Cole Mickens
Cole Mickens Vor Monat
I love this segment. Yes. Yes. Yes. Gonna go buy a friggin t-shirt just because that needed to be said/heard.
HazewinDog Vor Monat
Linus: Userbenchmark bad Also Linus: instead cross reference multiple benchmarks ...? like.. uh.. thousands of benchmarks people submitted to Userbenchmark? Fun fact: The performance difference they list closely matches the average of DEpostrs. They list the 5950X as being 5% faster per core than the 10900k. Since Userbenchmark is mostly targeting gamers, I'd say that perfectly checks out. Then for all-core, their use average has the 5950X performing 47% better than the 10900k... that does seem low, but it always takes some time to get enough benchmark for ideal accuracy. There might still be lots of benchmarks where people were running into thermal or other types of constraints that need to be filtered out. The 10900k has over 17.000 submissions, for comparison.
Pablo López
Pablo López Vor Monat
Linus is so cocky, he shit on a product and said dumb shit and instead of admiting he was wrong he goes and talks 10 minutes throwing dumb shit on paid reviews and random stuff missing the whole point
Timothine v
Timothine v Vor Monat
Ah yes the game everyone remembers the GameCube for, spiderman
bemersonbakebarmen Vor Monat
32:57 "Im Linus Fucking Tech Tips!" Hell yeah!!!
HazewinDog Vor Monat
22:40 hold your horses there Linus. Can I argue that you (as LTT) contribute to this problem? Your reviews are often not clearly marked as a review in the title. in fact, they often have very strange titles. Even your regular viewers can often not tell what kind of LTT video popped up in their feed. I'll expect a review, and then it isn't. And so on. In fact, I have missed so many LTT videos that I would have loved to see day 1, just because the title and thumbnail were completely untelling. The first example I remember is the video where you demonstrated Intel Optane more in-depth. I was hoping you would make such a video for months, and then I find some people linking a video from months ago that turned out to be exactly what I was waiting for!! This is why you really should improve this clarity, IMHO. I mean I love LTT, and I've been subscribed for... close to half my life at this point (as a 27 yo!), but the unclear and seemingly random titles are a real nuisance. Hope you get to read this... seems like I've never quite got through before with my honest (but friendly!) words!
HazewinDog Vor Monat
oh wow you guys came to that conclusion in the end haha. I'm glad
fritz furz
fritz furz Vor Monat
Linus getting attacked for criticizing M1 seems a good indication that Apple has done something right with their marketing xD
David Smart
David Smart Vor Monat
What about [brackets] or (parentheses)
drzeissler Vor Monat
No Apple M1 ist totally consumes 10 watts and does not put out as much as a 65watt intel/amd, it's only a tiny difference...but it's not as good. so it's crap. Intel/Amd are much better for sure.
MLRausch Vor Monat
Lol, I think someone else needs to chill out. Good rant though.
Bulvine Scatologist
Bulvine Scatologist Vor Monat
`"OK " now the B.S. shows up! TOO many or too long of adds will kill "DEpost"in a hart beat. . Some Adds show up in the medal of the show that intrups the thoughts & you can't get back in the state of mind. this will kill DEpost. All so too long. will do the same.You need to be able to start your own channel.
TheOneSpam Vor Monat
Luke! API versioning! You should be able to release new API versions to support your other platforms while still keeping the previous version(s) of your API online to serve the iOS platform. Mind you this will only get you so far. If you decide to completely restructure your data, or provide videos in a new file format, it could be hard to support the "legacy" version of your API, but it should still be possible.
Peter Mccannell
Peter Mccannell Vor Monat
Now did I miss somthing when is the final part to the pc secret shopper coming out
kodemelon Vor Monat
the way the stream chat looks, it's as if they are not listening to anything Linus is saying LOL. I LOVE apple (I use an iphone x; going to get the new ipad air 2020 next month and the iphone 12 next year) but the butthurt fanboys need to calm down bruh. All his points are so valid
RokyBanana Vor Monat
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." to buy a computer.
itsyourfault100 Vor Monat
Apparently the new Mac's with the M1 chip are massive spying machines, watching & logging everything you do and where you are. Louis Rossmann did a video about it. Please take this in consideration with your review of the new Silicon products!
Allen Mobley
Allen Mobley Vor Monat
Who’s here after the issues with the M1 Macs are being discovered.
Kyle Tomp
Kyle Tomp Vor Monat
Linus can you address and potentially verify some of the concerns made in this video listing some issues this reviewer had with M1
Rui Caridade
Rui Caridade Vor Monat
I can see the reasoning behind the Apple graphs. The point is how many people watching will get faster than Intel 10900K , Dell XPS (which specs??), etc.. I'm pretty sure not many people would get the references, especially if they are in the Apple ecosystem. Now if it were NVIDIA, AMD or another company doing the same, taking into consideration their target consumers, it would be much worse.
Alpha Utahn
Alpha Utahn Vor Monat
Are you guys done uploading this podcast to Google podcasts?
Din Moshe
Din Moshe Vor Monat
On the topic of knowing how to tell a review from something else and the problem of naming a video: I feel like there's a pretty easy and obvious solution. Just write in the top of the description [name of product] - [review/showcase/type of content]. I mean, that's what the description is actually for... Describing the video. Instead, everyone uses it for 5 paragraphs of bullshit that nobody actually reads through.
Dan Ungureanu
Dan Ungureanu Vor Monat
Did the WAN Show kinda turn into crap?
deep hazarika
deep hazarika Vor Monat
why have you become so obsessed with what people say? you can clarify/explain may be for 2 min on each show. i for 1 wasn't at all interested what people thing about your opinions/reviews so when you talk the majority of the show regarding what people think about you then it's mostly useless for me
fumes des péterds
fumes des péterds Vor Monat
I love how much of wan show is just Linus shouting into the void
Kris Cunz
Kris Cunz Vor Monat
Hey Linus and Co. Any chance you could do a build for KoolKingLogan? Kid loves gaming, is having a hard go of it and is a lil champion.
DegustoDelSol Vor Monat
Linus Flip Flops :)
Gary Crook
Gary Crook Vor Monat
The MELTDOWN Show.... 😂
aKai Vor Monat
Please! Click bait me! Your content is almost guaranteed to be better than anything else I may end up clicking instead.
Apparent Vor Monat
I really don’t think Linus is appreciating that he is not the core demographic for Apple trying to sell their computers. Their presentation was exactly the way they should announce these products; pretty graphs with truthy-yet-vague claims about their performance. This is also seen by them saying things like “you can watch X hours of video before the battery dies” rather than listing the size of the battery. You need to appeal to the majority of people - not the tech-savvy niche. Compare the volume of sales of a MacBook Air and the latest nerd shit that was delivered in a word-by-word specific presentation backed by detailed excel spreadsheets. It is absolutely evident that they know what they are doing. People get annoyed if you suggest alternative approaches to something you are uneducated in. You’re basically saying you personally know a better way to sell something than one of the leading companies in the entire world Sincerely, someone who doesn’t even really like Apple but can recognise that everything they do to sell products does not need my input
cdangers Vor Monat
Here's why that rolling screen phone is and instant FAIL for the same reason the Huawei and Flex Pi were always going to be. Soft plastic screens left unprotected. Galaxy fold is the only folding phone getting it right.
kilo ton
kilo ton Vor Monat
I think google map 3d view is an excellent benchmark for an laptop.
Darin Cates
Darin Cates Vor Monat
CLICKED to learn about the new M1 Apple gear. Had to listen to him CRY like a brat about his paid promotion bullshit.
proningtiger Vor Monat
I honestly go through phases where I just want to watch episodes with specific people. So the faces in the thumbnail tell me who is in them.
Allen Vor Monat
The whole thing about 1:13:43 intel's CHOICE not to run this giveaway worlwide is complete and utter crap. It's just linus bullshiting his way into defending his sponsor. Not only running a worlwide giveaway is perfectly doable for a company such as intel, they have done it before. "Where have they done it?", you may ask. Well, they've done it in the LTT forum. Also, LTT ran an LG giveaway a couple of years back, seems laws everywhere where really different back then. Make no mistake, having a global giveaway is perfectly doable, and restricting it to only a few countries is a CHOICE. If not, having a giveaway that spans some 50-60 countries that abide by the same trade laws is pretty simple. The "but the laws, it's too dificult" is valid for a small business, not a $200B behemoth. They choose to let us know that if we're not in the US, Canada or the UK, we're second rate customers to them. Not really that smart when you're bleeding market share and lost about 1/3rd of your market cap in the last year, but hey, it's their CHOICE. The customers have the option of speaking with their wallets (specially around this time of year).
Don't add review in the title but at the beginning of the video.
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares Vor Monat
Sure love to see your review .....
Robert T
Robert T Vor Monat
The problem with Linus criticsm about viewers complaining about his content is that he acknowledges that he and the industry are part of the problem, but is unwilling to do anything about it because of fear and wanting to capitalize on the same ignorance. It goes so far to refuse putting the term "review" in the title because it's a "waste of characters", which emphasizes his complicity with the current situation. While Linus can complain about this kind of stuff, his voice doesn't have much merit if he isn't going to do anything in his power to make a change.
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