Apple Silicon Mac Announcement - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire

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Apple claims their new M1 processor is powerful enough for their new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini - But if you’re an Apple fan, should you be excited - Or very, very worried?

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uospnH Vor 7 Tage
lmao linus is the only one that deserves two sponsors because he gets a tenth of his subscribers watching every video
kdwk Vor 10 Tage
Oh, dear, Linus-as-of-Nov-11-2020, your expectations are going to be destroyed.
Mondo Monk
Mondo Monk Vor 14 Tage
The vagg dramma!
Rich M
Rich M Vor 14 Tage
I give Linus a lot of credit for giving the M1 Mac an honest, glowing review once trying the actual products.
Jayden Dagsa
Jayden Dagsa Vor 19 Tage
They didn't actually say "world's fastest CPU core". If you listen to what SVP Johny Srouji said before that "world's fastest CPU core" statement, he did mention that it was in low-power silicon. So meaning they didn't soften their position on that.
Dylan White
Dylan White Vor 20 Tage
This aged like milk
looksnotperfect L.N.P.
looksnotperfect L.N.P. Vor 20 Tage
linus is "tech guy" right? he doesnt seems like
Mike Billars
Mike Billars Vor 22 Tage
Boy, I bet you feel stupid. ;-)
muhammed mahshook
muhammed mahshook Vor 25 Tage
This video is a comedy now..🤣🤣
Moses Vor 25 Tage
foot. in. mouth.
critterdude311 Vor Monat
well, this hasn't aged well has it.
vandit6354 Vor Monat
The 'AS M1' didn't catch on then!
Luciano DC
Luciano DC Vor Monat
Again Apple making retarded claims for its retarded customers 😆🤦‍♂️.
Luciano DC
Luciano DC Vor 25 Tage
@Chaos Lv99 most triple AAA titles are not running well. Witcher 3 is running OK however is emulation after all. Nothing native. What I don't understand is you guys spend a tone of money on this peace of Tech to emulate a windows computer and run Windows Games 🤦‍♂️. You could just buy a Gaming Laptop and run every damn game you want for the same price on most cases. This Guy has tested some mobile games and a few Triple AAA tittles to be honest I am impressed with how is running for a such low powered device but I have concerns how hot the Processor is getting without the fans running I don't think is recommended running these games on the models that don't have a fan. I am sure this will affect the life spam of the components just like previous macs with bad Thermals. See for yourself :
Chaos Lv99
Chaos Lv99 Vor 28 Tage
@Luciano DC Seems like you are still in the cave, check out some M1 reviews and gaming tests, you will be surprised 😉 PS: The last M1 video on Max Tech channel is a good place to start and catch up what you missed
Luciano DC
Luciano DC Vor 28 Tage
@Chaos Lv99 Yep sure they are 😂 yet they can't Run a Single Triple AAA Game even Before the Switch. Only Fan Boys buys this Garbage man.
Chaos Lv99
Chaos Lv99 Vor 28 Tage
Are you living in a cave? M1 MacBooks are phenomenal and Windows laptops look like clunky garbage in comparison. It’s the beginning of a computing revolution. Great time to be an Apple costumer actually :)
DeftestAphid20 Vor Monat
"I think I'll just call it ass for short"
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała Vor Monat
There's great article on with links to other articles. However, it will all depend whether Apple will be able to keep up momentum once they return to connectivity on pair with other devices, without artificial limitations on displays, peripherials.... and SoC approach is going to keep them constrained. They will have to eventually go with separate units for IO and switch to HBM2 external memory. They had gone all out and scored impressively, but - so to speak - this yet might turned out their Barbarossa and they might turned out to be Germans, unable to keep the momentum. Also, I think Apple should stop beating around the bush with battery, make equivalent of their "Battery Day" (they have tons of cash) and start putting 60Wh into Mac Mini and 80-90Wh into PROs. Go with vapour chamber cooling for Pros. I don't care how efficient M1 is, it already clocks up to 3.5 GHz and both mentioned improvements will give M2 and successors some breathing space. So far they only live upon advantage afforded by ASML/TSMC.
nikos themelis
nikos themelis Vor Monat
I’ve seen milk age better than this video. A complete train wreck.
Shayashi of Myth
Shayashi of Myth Vor Monat
Easy to claim to be three times faster when you're comparing apples to potatoes
Jeff Talley
Jeff Talley Vor Monat
The mugging for the photo is getting absurd. And how wrong you are about the M1.
V i b e z
V i b e z Vor Monat
Oh man, he couldn’t be more wrong hahah
MrUldahl Vor Monat
Millions of people watching the show, the wet dream of any youtuber fulfilled, and yet your greed makes you cram commercials in your content everywhere. Don't feel like being a millionaire is enough for you? Disgusting.
sadew widhanalage
sadew widhanalage Vor Monat
This Guy is sooo wrong about the ipad pro He does not deserve 12million subs
Matthew_Bi Vor Monat
Can we talk about the price? Speaking of price, not high for sure in USA. What do you think about price policy vs other countries such as Italy? Maybe you think is 10% more? Nah... 20% more? Could be reasonable, but nah.. 30% more? Oh gosh seriously 30% more of the price you pay in USA? NO! It is FORTY I SAID 40% MORE! THE PRICE go from $999 (€825) To $1400 (€1160) Are you kidding me?
Zäsar Animation
Zäsar Animation Vor Monat
Why trust 1000s of real world M1 experiences, when i can make my own yt waste?
Armand Welsh
Armand Welsh Vor Monat
So, I know you already posted an new video now that you have an M1 powered Mac, and I have yet to watch it, but after listening to you babble on with full anti-apple hate about something you are completely ignorant about, I have to question why I watch any of your videos. You went into this, like so many anti-apple users about how crappy the system is, and what a scammy company Apple is for selling a computer powered by a mobile processor. When the iPhone 5S was released, Apple announced it as being Desktop class computing in a phone. Everyone gawk at the brash comment and belittled the technology. Still, Apple proceeded to develop their Apple Silicon each year, adding new technologies, and the iPad being a desktop replacement in a mobile platform was the perfect spring board upon which to launch a desktop class computing device. Why would you expect the iPad to not be a desktop grade CPU? And why wouldn't it be a great performer? Just because Microsoft and Android powered tablets use junk drawer generic ARM processors that can't perform doesn't mean the A series CPUs aren't up to the task. I have a Developer Transition Kit which is powered by the same CPU as the iPad Pro. I was excited to see how amazing it was -- not skeptical that publicly belittling of the tech, and I order a Developer Transition Kit. I immediately compared performance with GeekBench 5 between the A12Z and my 6-core iMac i5. My iMac lost in single core performance, and only barely outperformed (less than 1% better) the A12Z (with only 4 performance cores, and 4 efficiency cores, and 8 GPU cores). My iMac has 32GB RAM, and the Mac mini has 16GB so RAM was not a factor. And compared to my 2-core MacBook Pro with i7, it destroyed the MacBook Pro. The M1 was of course going to be a better processor. It's this type of vagrant and public dismissal and belittling of things you do not understand that I despise. The real issue is not that Apple put an iPad CPU in a computer, it's that Intel and AMD are so badly designed, that the iPad CPU destroys them. And you keep buying up that crap.
NRD TechBroadcast
NRD TechBroadcast Vor Monat
Are they giving power adapter or not ?
Agwali Vor Monat
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod Vor Monat
Now I realized while watching this again, linus kind of bitterly dicuss this while trying to mis-inform the viewers and redirects them to have negative impression to the product since they sell computer parts. Well this kind of threatened their business, unless they're selling apple and other innovative compact products.
Kabir O
Kabir O Vor Monat
Man, I am just waiting for them to label that "Latest PC Laptop chip" graph.
ReadeMoore Vor Monat
Really damaged your credibility with this. Who wants to take "tech tips" from someone with such a bad "hot taek"? We'll just call you "Li" for short from now on.
brkbeat junkie
brkbeat junkie Vor Monat
Single threaded performance on par with an i9... how is that a dumpster fire?
Jimmy Swag
Jimmy Swag Vor Monat
This is a step in the right direction, but it isn't as good as Apple makes it out to be. But that just marketing for fan boys/girls to buy into it. Giddy up!
Reykosen Vor Monat
Linus: AS M1 processor Me: Ass....... Also me: Nice
Forza Martini
Forza Martini Vor Monat
Ouch this take didn't age well. Especially since ARM architecture is the future and this point will be referenced back to as the definitive moment ARM kicked x86 pretty little teeth in.
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała Vor Monat
720p is adequate for lens available and videoconferencing, where Apple camera is better than all 1080p crap mounted by others anyway.
Darren Antonio
Darren Antonio Vor Monat
9k dislikes be some proper fanboys LOL
Ukasa Vor Monat
The Comments section with fanboys - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire
kirito kirigaya
kirito kirigaya Vor Monat
Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices
Greg Christopher
Greg Christopher Vor Monat
And... the retraction. Didn't actually eat crow like I had joked and of course made excuses about Apple being foolishly blurry on the specs. But he's full onboard.
nikolai moeller
nikolai moeller Vor Monat
i can taste the salt through the screen
James Vor Monat
The number of people here who's core argument is "Ha look M1 Macs turned out well, therefore you were foolish to have any concerns" worries me. Imagine if I told you that this river has no crocodiles, but refused to let you look at it before you jumped in. Say 9 times out of 10 there really isn't any crocodiles. The reason we have reviewers, the people who check the water before you swim, is for that 1 instance out of 10. At face value, the M1 announcement was incredibly vague. Unlabeled graphs and figures like "6x performance" with no context. Normally this isn't unsual with tech industry marketing material, but add on the Apple review embargo and literally your only source was "Dude trust me". Couple weeks later, turns out the M1 chip lives up to expectations. Everyone rejoice! Hurrah. However. It is *incredibly* important to realise here that criticisms about the questionable claims were justified, and absolutely necessary. Imagine if M1 sucked. You literally would have no way of knowing until release date: no early review units. People would have macs already arriving to their homes by the time warnings came out. It sets a really dangerous precedent to laugh at people who don't trust a manufacturer, because if the standard is to take marketing claims at face value, sooner or later a lot of people will get bit. Apple's announcement/review limitations asks us to trust there aren't any crocodiles in the river. We should celebrate the amazing innovation of the M1 Chip, but no one should defend the way that they leave us treading water in the dark.
Dong Kim
Dong Kim Vor Monat
Ngl, just because ppl have been like Linus gonna eat his own words, I came back to this video to see what is going on, and God, Linus was spot on. None of all the shit he was accused of, he didn't do. Apple fan boys really need to stop projecting their anger at Linus
Dark Blood
Dark Blood Vor Monat
Just roast that Apple M1 in real grown up men benchmarks
James Vor Monat
For those who are complaining that this review is unsubstantiated by the actual specs of the M1 ecosystem: Blame Apple's review embargo. 1. As Apple is unwilling to send out units early, reviews either have to be A) Late but thorough or B) Early, and based off purely marketing material. Linus talks more about this here: As such, treat this as a reaction video to the announcement (hence the name). NOT as a review of the actual product. 2. At face value, the announcement suffered from many moments of dubiousness. Linus is correct when he says the tech specs between the Mac Mini, Air, and Pro are almost identical. When considering Steve Job's original design of the Pro as an enthusiast level, top of the line beast, this does sound quite ludicrous. With regards to ARM, go back a few videos and you can see how excited Linus was about Apple ditching Intel. He was gushing about this before it was even mainstream. His critcism of the graphs is *because* he understands what it means to switch to ARM, not the contrary. It is known that x86 apps will suffer, just like how it is known there will be huge power efficency improvements. Seeing unmarked "6X THE PERFORMANCE" graphs gives the sense that Apple is trying to sell ARM as a miracle drug to the uninitiated, which leaves a bad taste in the mouth. No matter how good the products are, this was definitely a dodgy way to announce it.
Pedro Vor Monat
the units early part is false. apple constantly sends products to reviewers almost immediately after the announcement (see mkbhd, the verge, dave lee). they do this so reviewers have time to write, edit and film the review in time for the release. i will agree tho that apples "this computer kicks windows' ass" is always marketing banter.
JJ Vor Monat
What an idiot 😬 compare the specs with Intel processors 🧐
David Vor Monat
Day 140 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁
Allan Knudsen
Allan Knudsen Vor Monat
What a pathetic video! Shame on you.
Nick Vor Monat
Linus pls pls don’t forget us for the MacBook m1 line up testing and review, your words and insight mean so much.
Herbert West
Herbert West Vor Monat
All apple fanboys claiming video hasn't aged well while completely disregarding the points about locked down nature, almost zero upgradeability. Yeah that's what I want, run to genius bar for my simple ram upgrades.
Herbert West
Herbert West Vor Monat
@J K @J K Yes I agree and yes linus was wrong calling it an ipad with keyboard but people completely disregarding his points about closed environment and their asinine repair terms are the problem you are talking about. They don't understand or want to understand open software and hardware standard. I saw people still defending apple after big sur released and removed any option to disable telemetry and funny thing i don't see no comments about that here.
J K Vor Monat
While I think Linus' assessment was probably wrong, I think what you said should be mentioned in a future video of his. Also, even if the "iPad with a keyboard" claim is false, it's difficult to argue against the idea that at the end of the day these products are overpriced, both relative to other desktops and laptops and on its own terms. I like to hear the different arguments as to why people still choose these products when Windows and Linux systems are the more economic *and* more powerful choice overall still, but ultimately I can't see things their way. What you said is a huge turn off and should be emphasized more in these sort of debates.
Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews Vor Monat
This video hasn't aged well. In just two weeks Linus has been exposed for beling the PC biased greasy faced YouTuibe kiddie we all knew Him to be.
Rolly Caidic
Rolly Caidic Vor Monat
After watching this episode.. I immediately unsubscribe.. why hate so much?
Dalton Vor Monat
Unified memory has pros but also big time cons. GPUs need very different things than CPUs in terms of what makes their memory "fast" (latency vs bandwidth). Though I really want PC makers to throw out a half decent ARM based laptop with ideally the ability to upgrade RAM and SSD and then I can see how ARM Linux runs on not a Raspberry Pi class machine.
Jhaybie Basco
Jhaybie Basco Vor Monat
Anthony should do these Apple editorials; Linus is trying too hard to be snarky and it’s getting in the way of the information.
Jayfire Vor Monat
Sure, the video aged like milk, but come on he has some valid points such as how reliable Apple is and M1 is the first chip Apple has made in this era for Macs. Honestly if M1 is good as it is right now, M2 is going to be insane.
Laszlone Duka
Laszlone Duka Vor Monat
Thank you.....
Rahul Macwan
Rahul Macwan Vor Monat
Will it come with a charger though?
Rahul Macwan
Rahul Macwan Vor Monat
@Agwali let’s hope so
Agwali Vor Monat
@Rahul Macwan doubt
Rahul Macwan
Rahul Macwan Vor Monat
@Agwali maybe in the next version they will say everyone’s got one so in order to save the forest we won’t provide you one
Agwali Vor Monat
Ash Vor Monat
I wonder why such a “big, well known” techyoutuber hasn’t uploaded any M1 reviews of any sorts?? 🤔
Siddhant Makhija
Siddhant Makhija Vor Monat
Was getting bored. Opened this video just to read " well this video has aged like milk" now my day is going M1.
Tigerex966 Vor Monat
I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.
Dimas Naufal Pratama
Dimas Naufal Pratama Vor Monat
I just removed my like button because you were wrong
Facelessproduction Vor Monat
😄😆🤣😆 AS, an IPAD
shane dempsey
shane dempsey Vor Monat
mac is shit fake gamers
Przemysław Horban
Przemysław Horban Vor Monat
All the M1 fan comments... My answer is: Buy as many M1s as you can! You make a great donation the whole PC community! See, Apple finances new TSMC nodes - 7nm, now 5nm is used only in iPhones and M1. They do it with your money. Then Apple will finance another node and 5nm will be free to use for AMD Ryzen / Radeon, Nvidia and hell - maybe even Intell. By buying M1 and iPhones you help pay the way for new generation of excellet PC silicon. Zen 3 on 7nm is faster than M1 on 5nm and this will carry on, so PC entusiasts like me are perfectly ok this. I'll skip the M1 for a 4500u latop because I don't have as much money as you guys, but please buy M1s! They're great!
Przemysław Horban
Przemysław Horban Vor Monat
@Rohan Kauts BTW, the covid isolation makes me so lonely that even a youtube comment argument is welcome... ehh :(
Przemysław Horban
Przemysław Horban Vor Monat
@Rohan Kauts We'll see :)
Rohan Kauts
Rohan Kauts Vor Monat
you call yourself PC enthusiast and doesnt know what TDP is , m1 has 10 W tdp whereas zen 3 is 65W. if apple decided to release higher tdp chips which they will with mac 16 model they will leave zen3 in dust
Paulo 78
Paulo 78 Vor Monat
You know why their review is not yet out? They are trying their best to make it look bad.
To the Batcave
To the Batcave Vor Monat
What a childish and biased video. Unfollowed.
ItsJustPillow Vor Monat
Isheep approved
Sean Gilmore
Sean Gilmore Vor Monat
Apple needs communicate to the PC people so they can get more respect like challenging them to hack a Mac or something.
Dev Prime
Dev Prime Vor Monat
Anyone comes back to this video after seeing austin evans review the new macbook air?
Sahand Rahmdel
Sahand Rahmdel Vor Monat
haha the performance tests already did prove you wrong, linus; didn't they? You have also already probably watched Jonathan's video answering you. This vid aged like milk!
So premature!! Stupid.
Xunayed Islam
Xunayed Islam Vor Monat
Waiting for "I was wrong part 2"
JandJ Vor Monat
What even is this video
Ronnie Lamkin
Ronnie Lamkin Vor Monat
Everyone is singing praise to the new Mac Mini but with only 4 USB ports and no Mic Jack one of the USBs has to be used for a Mic. This is especially screwed up when you're video conferencing because another port is going to be taken for a Video camera which leaves you with just two ports. If you're short on cash and you buy the baseline Mac Mini you only have 256 GB of storage. So, if you record your zoom lessons or do any sort of video editing, as is claimed you can, you're going to need an external hard drive to backup to. One port left right? No, you're going to need that to connect what ever other input device you have i.e. your IPhone, IPad, Samsung Galaxy whatever. You get my meaning. This means hot socketing or a USB hub or whatever just because Apple was too lazy to put in a Mic Jack. P.S. I'm airdropping but why do my movies go into photos file on my phone?
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen Vor Monat
Apples fight to prevent repair, make their stuff break, deny upgrades and all the other ways they fuck customers in the ass is just horrifying to watch
Thomas Jensen
Thomas Jensen Vor Monat
@Chaos Lv99 well Some of them not macbooks but I do have an old iMac that still works fine. However I recommend Louis rossmans videoes
Chaos Lv99
Chaos Lv99 Vor Monat
Do you even use apple products? They last forever, you don’t need to repair them lol
beatmaniaboy Vor Monat
Everyone is mad at Linus for making factual statements these are the same people who don't care about right to repair
Coding Time
Coding Time Vor Monat
@Jason Smith He literally did not say that lmao
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Vor Monat
He said that the m1 macs were no better than iPads. That was NOT factual.
Megalithic Monkey
Megalithic Monkey Vor Monat
Arm chips have already killed intel, they're an obsolete company now
Clayton McGary
Clayton McGary Vor Monat
"So do you want the iPad with no touch screen, the iPad with no screen at all, or the iPad with a touch bar?" That's gotta be the most brilliant line you guys have written. By the way that whole episode was really well written. One of your best. The bottom line is that Apple doesn't listen. Who asked for a touch bar? No one. Who asked for a touch screen? Everyone. Consumers want to be able to upgrade their own stuff and Apple keeps going down the wrong road. The 2015 MPB is the best computer ever made in my opinion and the 2016 MPB is the worst. A professional computer without ports ruins the portability because now you have to carry around a bunch of adapters (not to mention thermal throttling and crappy keyboards). And the MBP was literally designed for "Power and Portability". The M1 is sick. But they did ruin the Mac Mini and the 13" MBP with this roll-out. All they had to do was release the Air by itself and like you said - label the fucking graphs bro! 3 times..... something fast!! ???? Apple is losing the culture and if they don't start listening to what consumers actually want, it doesn't matter how much money they have in the bank, they will fail. People are catching on to the fact that all they're selling are products that are shiny and have the Apple symbol on them. Its unfortunate because they've done so many innovative things. But their closed-mindedness, elitism, ego, sacrificing function for form, removing standard technologies before their consumers are ready (meaning never ending adapters), over pricing, etc. will end them. So I guess I will continue to use my 2015 MPB as its still the best computer out there for what I need and just hope for the best. Well done Linus. I love your show. You're brilliant not just in reviews but as an engineer and I appreciate your honesty, humor and intelligence. Keep it up :)
1Post Daily
1Post Daily Vor Monat
Also what is the encryption on that chipset?
1Post Daily
1Post Daily Vor Monat
Hope Apple not going to send updates to the device that will make you have to buy another device as battery life deplete with each update.....then again you could make it stand alone but how do we know that the software doesn't have a time limiter on it for working without being updated or needing to call back home to a server....Its a process they will have to be more transparent with if I invest and they making the products they sale possibly worse....I say that becasue they've been caught doing these things with their mobile devices. So the software may be cheating in the testing is what I believe but proving it may be difficult.
EWave Vor Monat
Damn bro hating hard
pakmule88 Vor Monat
I liked LTT because of their objective analyses on a wide range of technical topics. This video was a major disappointment and frankly embarrassing. Unsubbed.
Kevi Kiru
Kevi Kiru Vor Monat
Here is a suggestion for your next video: I was wrong, again!!! I jumped the gun just to be a hater. And a got burned! Just to be clear, I have never used Apple products, not even once. You screwed up Linus. These days you are so arrogant that you can't seem to be objective, patient or even fair
Apple Silicon
Apple Silicon Vor Monat
Great idea
Chun Hung Wan
Chun Hung Wan Vor Monat
Credibility evaporated
Robert Kadar
Robert Kadar Vor Monat
What would you buy? 2x competition hardware or 1 Apple Product which has many many years software support? I think in the end it's cheaper to go with Apple. For Instance Samsung/Google phone every 3 years or 1 Iphone for 5-6 years?
Evan Romeu
Evan Romeu Vor Monat
stop being hostile to apple only because YOU don't like them. these should be non-biased.
Justin V
Justin V Vor Monat
What a shit take
iTs Javi
iTs Javi Vor Monat
and this is why i stopped following you. you’re just an apple hater
Mohammad Vor Monat
we don't care migga (n)
Le Monarque
Le Monarque Vor Monat
Linus will never command the kind of respect that most other tech DEpostrs do bc he just can’t help himself from wording and delivering his thoughts in dumbass ways where he has to address controversy after the fact. I mean think about it, how many other tech DEpostrs do you see having to regularly clarify and address their own words after the fact? Almost none, because they think about not just what they want to say, but how to say it most optimally. Linus’ ego is no longer in line with his relevance
Can Yapan
Can Yapan Vor Monat
I am gonna stop watching this guy’s weird comments on every different device without testing it. Unsubscribed!
Alen Stojanac
Alen Stojanac Vor Monat
What a lame and uninformed attempt of an apple hating guy to embarrass Apple. Only to make a fool of himself. Too lame.
Pat Led
Pat Led Vor Monat
Love linus but damn is he the biggest low key apple hater. Loool
mattiaantonelliofficial Vor Monat
Ahahah this was managed by MKBHD-TLD-LINUS to broke the web once-again 😝😝😝
Wycliff Studios
Wycliff Studios Vor Monat
Can't wait for your cocky face to eat your own words. When is the M1 Macbook Pro video comin up?
Wycliff Studios
Wycliff Studios Vor Monat
Your bias and your blind hatred is jarring. I want to see you review the Macbook Pro M1. Wanna see what you have to say after you unfairly bashed the chips before using the laptop.
Sumukha K R
Sumukha K R Vor Monat
Who came here after Rene Ritchie's Hot take? 🔥🔥🔥
George Valkov
George Valkov Vor Monat
Try 8K RAW. I'm not joking!
TechMishMosh Adeel
TechMishMosh Adeel Vor Monat
Dave2D, Jonathan and now Rene - Every one is slapping you on your face ... Shame on you Linus Feeling bad for you - Stupid collection of sentences
TechMishMosh Adeel
TechMishMosh Adeel Vor Monat
Report this video guys - he is abusive !!
Guy Jones
Guy Jones Vor Monat
A dumpster fire review!
Kevi Kiru
Kevi Kiru Vor Monat
This did not age well Linus!!! Your point is now the dumpster fire. They actually delivered! I have never used Apple products, but damn was this wrong. I guess I know why I am no longer watching a lot of LTT videos lately, obnoxious reaction rather than professional opinions and educated guesses. I couldn't put my finger on it, please correct this Linus, don't go down the Unbox Therapy route
ShinCup Vor Monat
Linus is definitely anti-apple biased but he makes a lot of good points in this video. People who call him a shill clearly don’t even watch his videos.
Lalit Vor Monat
My exact thoughts, I have been watching LTT for the past 4 years and people who are ripping on him clearly have no idea how carefully he and his staff reviews products. This comment section is seriously toxic.
Marsorry Ickua
Marsorry Ickua Vor Monat
He Sounds So Salty 😅. Must be the "bash Apple" channel!
King Arthur Pendragon
King Arthur Pendragon Vor Monat
Dear god. When is apple gonna take Face ID from iPhones and throw it into all laptops and them at $5k monitor??and the iMacs? Fit it right into the bezels??
Agwali Vor Monat
@King Arthur Pendragon they might but I doubt
King Arthur Pendragon
King Arthur Pendragon Vor Monat
@Agwali wait what ? You highly doubt they’ll update their computers to state of the art tech like in their phones? Why? If they took the time and effort to put this piece of tech in their phones why wouldn’t they do it to their computers ? I’m confused. I think they’ll do it it’s just a matter of time. I’m thinking next year for sure starting with the 16” mbp.
Agwali Vor Monat
@King Arthur Pendragon I doubt apple will do that tbh cause apple is money hungry and that is same for literally every other company
King Arthur Pendragon
King Arthur Pendragon Vor Monat
@Agwali nothing other than it should be done already. Hoping for it. Longing for it
Agwali Vor Monat
What makes you think apple will do that
King Arthur Pendragon
King Arthur Pendragon Vor Monat
I’m confused about the rant about lack of 10gb Ethernet? What in the world would that be used for or needed for on an entry level tiny computer? Please educate me I’m sincerely asking. Is this a huge mistake to omit this on the Mac mini??
Lalit Vor Monat
Networking is very important, you might not need it now but suppose later in future you setup a plex server or a home server you definitely need that bandwidth.
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