How did Microsoft screw this up? - Surface Pro X (SQ2) vs M1 Macbook Air

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Windows on Arm laptops have been out for years now - so how does Microsoft's flagship Arm device, the Surface Pro X SQ2, measure up to Apple's arm-powered M1 Macbook Air?
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Programmieren lernen mit Chris
Programmieren lernen mit Chris Vor 2 Stunden
Tooleater Vor 5 Stunden
Didn't ARM reach the desktop back in the 1987 with the Acorn Archimedes?
FunOnly4me Vor 19 Stunden
Would be fun to compare performance of Surface Pro X vs M1 MBA/MBP 13 running the same softwares (with Parallels preview for the Apple rig) in Windows :D
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira Vor 21 Stunde
Who else came here after watching that Microsoft ad of a 10 year old comparing the Surface pro 7 to a 2020 MacBook Pro?
Leon X. LIU
Leon X. LIU Vor 21 Stunde
I say it is a very confusing time, for consumers. Is it risky to get an 'old' architect machine now?
Andy Campbell
Andy Campbell Vor 22 Stunden
This guy is a total Bozo (see his trip to NASA to talk about the Apollo program ). By his own admission he is using DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE on the Surface 10 then he is running benchmarks!!! TOTALLY MISLEADING THE VIEWER ! Then he suggest that Microsoft are charging $100 more for this device than the Apple machine - THEY ARE NOT ! The Surface is $899 ! $400 CHEAPER THAN THE Apple !!!! THIS RVIEW IS TOTALLY MISLEADING LIKE MANY OF THE OTHER REVIEWS THIS GUY DOES!!!!
Willian Gomes
Willian Gomes Vor 23 Stunden
so, this is just a 10 minutes add for apple.
Niemand Vor Tag
The Problem is not .. that Qualcom suck... its just windows is shit... :|
Niemand Vor Tag
Intel be like I will strike back With an Internet Explorer of speed
NXTLVL Iceirio
NXTLVL Iceirio Vor Tag
intels goanna go down
MegaGouch Vor Tag
I still have a Original Surface RT with touch cover and really like it. Sure it only has 30gb of internal storage that needs to be 50% empty to ensure it runs at a usable speed but for file management and doing actual work it's a million times better than any Ipad or Android tablet I've used. If I want to consume content or play candy crush (which I don't) I'll just do it on my phone, for actual work it's far easier to use than the Ipad I have to use at work everyday.
Eric Brunstad
Eric Brunstad Vor Tag
This is why I bought the Surface Pro 7 instead. It has an Intel i5 processor instead of ARM. And it was much cheaper - less than $1000 from BestBuy including the pen, keyboard, etc..
meledoc Vor Tag
Now, I love Apple M1, but I need ( :-(( ) to use Windows to work. So I try to see under the dust: with a Pro X I can signature or write a document (very well), I have a PC always online (LTE inside), and a second storage SSD disk that I can remove instantly everytime I need.. Not bad. I can't figure out the benchmarks as well. But I love OsX PS: sorry for my bad english
MGoolas Vor Tag
Even if I am a hardcore Windows fan , I am very excited over Apple's M1 performance as it has already lit a massive fire under Intel's and Microsoft's bum. This is only good for ditching heat churning, electricity chugging x86 cpus in the future
WR Vor 2 Tage
Apple is amazing.
MyImList Vor 2 Tage
Reading the comments, where did all the Mac Haters go?
John Smith
John Smith Vor 2 Tage
That thing on your head was ok for a video or two but, dude, you're way too old for the Skater Dude thing.
blondiz Vor 2 Tage
7:22 no fucking way!!!! ahahahahaAHAHAHahahahAHAHHAHAhahah lol
Skrirrex Vor 3 Tage
Surface Pro X has been out for quite some time now and still no or very limited support for x64 apps. You have to imagine that if M1 MacBooks have not been released Microsoft are still not gonna work their ass off on their Arm based device and software lol
Atasi Patnaik
Atasi Patnaik Vor 3 Tage
Where is linus
Dean Krouse
Dean Krouse Vor 3 Tage
Got the M1 MBA the day it went onsale. Absolutely love it. After years of inflated claims by Apple about performance this one actually lives up to and in some ways surpasses those claims. Pretty great. MY first Mac since the iMac G5.
Jo Seph GD
Jo Seph GD Vor 3 Tage
I was excited about Apple announced that they would make in-house processors for Macs, since their iPhones have had a history of being more powerful than flagship Androids, even at half the RAM.
samgod Vor 3 Tage
So Apple's base Mac embarrassed Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm. Will its pro Macs be a bloodletting?
OYeahan Vor 3 Tage
Well, of course that's slow either way, but to be strict: at 6:03 you finally compared native Cinebench on Mac M1 to emulated x64 on SQ2, nope? Or is there native ARM64 Cinebench?
Lucas Vor 4 Tage
I have never held a Surface device in my hands that wasn't an overpriced PoS.
Howard Treesong
Howard Treesong Vor 2 Tage
I’ve had one of the eariy versions that felt like you were kicking a dead whale down the beach. They even had a Windows 8R version that was ‘Windows Lite’ for the non-pro user. It was pretty much dead on arrival because you couldn’t do anything serious with it.
Pieter Rossouw
Pieter Rossouw Vor 4 Tage
Yikes QEMU emulation killing native Windows on ARM. Color me impressed. Still won't buy it because it can't support current developer workloads but it's a good showing for ARM.
itsmeft24 Vor 4 Tage
Everybody gangsta till nintendo joins the arm revolution
Bram vandenbroeck
Bram vandenbroeck Vor 4 Tage
Maby microsoft should give apple a license and we should get a Boot Camp reboot on the M1 macs!
laen Vor 4 Tage
Please let us download this MacOs Linus wallpaper
James Budd
James Budd Vor 4 Tage
Microsoft needs to focus on software and forget hardware. They just got taken to the wood shed. Windows is a mess and so outdated.
Ben Schönhardt
Ben Schönhardt Vor 4 Tage
I want to have that background for Mac pls, where can I find it?
Robert Ivan
Robert Ivan Vor 4 Tage
Microsoft screwed up surface from the start by creating slow crappy products. Apple does it right by making their products around $1000 so that any of their products will perform decently.
gpturismo Vor 4 Tage
Time to open up NT at least...
somebrentdude Vor 4 Tage
xeong5 Vor 4 Tage
Why does Linus always get everything wrong. iOS is running OSX, just watch the first keynote when Steve Jobs describes how they needed a desktop class operating system to achieve the performance/feature set they needed.
Matt Ryu
Matt Ryu Vor 4 Tage
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”
shubi454 Vor 4 Tage
Alan K
Daniel Villanueva
Daniel Villanueva Vor 4 Tage
Being a tech enthusiast and buying anything other than Apple hahahaha
X314 Vor 5 Tage
Until arm is fully capable I'm gonna stick with the i5 pro 7
abe kline
abe kline Vor 5 Tage
Fool of a Took!
Nik Muhd Hafiz Harun
Nik Muhd Hafiz Harun Vor 5 Tage
Windows OS and application need serious diet
Marko Velimir Kobak
Marko Velimir Kobak Vor 5 Tage
the anti-Apple people are very quiet after this video
Delstrom2 Vor 5 Tage
Windows on arm user here. Not even an 8cx laptop, just a snapdragon 850. I bought my device used for 300 and even emulated it runs equally as well if not better than the more expensive (albeit admittedly new instead of used) surface go. I consider that a win in my book. It's not the processor that's the problem, it's the price. One more example of how Linus is a little out of touch if he thinks current windows arm devices aren't useful for anything other than web browsing. They're not optimal, sure, but they're plenty capable, just not worth $1000 yet.
ZMan Vor 5 Tage
WTF is it with guys wearing beanie caps all the time? Stop it.
Pepe Contreras
Pepe Contreras Vor 5 Tage
Google hates Windows on ARM.
StepUpYourGame Vor 6 Tage
microsoft is always to early to the parties or they partner with the wrong..
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon Vor 6 Tage
Ooof. Poor Microsoft 😬 this was brutal
Yatinder Singh
Yatinder Singh Vor 6 Tage
07:22 this is gonna bruise 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Old Revolver
Old Revolver Vor 6 Tage
Intel deserves this mass exodus of manufacturers abandoning their platform. This is what happens when you gate keep big generational improvements from happening naturally, just to fill your pockets: the market goes around you and leaves you crying in the rearview mirror.
Ray Roche
Ray Roche Vor 6 Tage
Did anyone try touch or pen on the Apple M1? It seems to work well on the Pro X but no reports on the M1 pen performance.
Ray Roche
Ray Roche Vor 6 Tage
Sorry, the M1 does not offer pen input at all, so that comparison is unfair. And the keyboard does not detach so the M1 is a laptop only and the Pro X is a two-in-one with pen computing. Not really comparing apples with apples are we?
omfgbunder2008 Vor 6 Tage
0:20 Windows CE?
Somedude. Vor 6 Tage
running windows vm in a mac always felt pretty smooth.
Beaglefreilauf Kalkar
Beaglefreilauf Kalkar Vor 7 Tage
I Estimate that Qualcom, when they work together with MS they will be at the Power/Performance level where Apple is now in about 2-3 years. By then Apple will have their M3 and M3x SOC's Since Apple gains single core performance by about 20% each generation on the A series, single core performance will be 44% faster with the M3. Intel is in trouble.
Brearne Gibson
Brearne Gibson Vor 7 Tage
Because Microsoft believe it's still the mid nineties?
oleg87sh Vor 7 Tage
In some parallel universe Apple device will be running windows better than Microsoft’s one.. wait a minute, what the hell!?
valerij zaporogeci
valerij zaporogeci Vor 7 Tage
in long term, the apple approach will fail, MS, Qualcomm, Nvdia and Co will win this market. but no worries, apple will be fine keeping milking their gullible users further. it's just won't be "domination" as it never was. they voluntarily choose to be a niche for those, who are ready to pay extras for a stupid logo. they might make this chip a standalone product, sell it and become a strong ARM vendor, but they chose to lock it down as much as possible. as result, all its spectacular performance becomes uninteresting - it's a black box, soon, it will so be overcome in performance by the competitors, but they will not be a "we make it all and you just get your money" thing, their things will be building blocks, just like in the x86 market, and we will see competition, in CPUs, motherboards, end user devices and even OSs, of course, if the tiny linux desktop share can be considered competitive. xD whereas this all-apple-only thing is really interesting for only apple fans in the end of the day. and the poor x86 emulation. pfff, come on! it is important at this early stage, but making of it a central point - is a heavy overestimation. why then bother with ARM at all if all you want is to run x86 binaries? let third parties refactor their user mode sh1t to not rely on the CPU, or just add the ARM support!
Aby Mathew
Aby Mathew Vor 7 Tage
Windows looks more professional
Cyberman86 Vor 7 Tage
Windows is Stronger in desktops, in Laptops or tablets they Suck really bad.
Adam yonas
Adam yonas Vor 7 Tage
Hey I’m 12 And taller than Linus
Bradley Simpson
Bradley Simpson Vor 7 Tage
Microsoft is such an embarrassment.
matt soles
matt soles Vor 7 Tage
Can we please mention how apples retina display looks a million times better as well?
Ronnie Maldonado
Ronnie Maldonado Vor 7 Tage
You’re comparing a completed version (MacOS) to a BETA version ( Win10). Why do t you wait until the completed version of Win10 is available then do a comparison.
Ronnie Maldonado
Ronnie Maldonado Vor 6 Tage
@npgoalkeeper _ the software is there. But like EVERYONE else they’re updating their OS but before they do, they’re releasing the DEVELOPER version to work out the bugs and other issues. The point I was making was that he’s comparing certain features that have been fully released on one OS to another that’s still in BETA. He should wait until the completed version is released to the public then compare the two.
npgoalkeeper _
npgoalkeeper _ Vor 7 Tage
I mean, why release a device at all if the software support isn't there
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Vor 7 Tage
What I would like to see is a version of Windows 10 ARM that could either dual boot, or even better yet run side by side with the macOS/UNIX ARM. This was done before, and can be done again.
Hudstone Vor 7 Tage
im waiting for the 64-core ARM Mac Pro cpu
plasmar1 Vor 8 Tage
** can kinda consider windows mobile as essentially windows 95 16bit on a mobile I believe; you could run a lot of the programs from winmo on pc:P
The Watcher
The Watcher Vor 8 Tage
Is x86 doomed?
a boddle88
a boddle88 Vor 8 Tage
4:01 Looking like Watch Dogs lol
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Vor 8 Tage
I dont think MacBook Air can be compared to Pro X....they do not even have the same for the price..Microsoft always over charges things 😂
Marcus Xe
Marcus Xe Vor 8 Tage
I guess windows is officially behind macos now
Efficient Equilibrium
Efficient Equilibrium Vor 8 Tage
Short answer, SQ2 is a much weaker processor what exactly do you expect ? Next iteration will be different, they will probably use much more powerful arm based processors.
Techno Place
Techno Place Vor 8 Tage
Steve Radich
Steve Radich Vor 8 Tage
You missed the reason to love Surface Pro X - LTE unlimited tablet plans. Once Apple adds LTE, it better yet 5G, then they will have won the battle. The dual 4k displays os why IPad Pro can't compete with Surface Pro X.
MashAllah Food Secrets
MashAllah Food Secrets Vor 9 Tage
Intel for years gave us i3 and i5 models at same price as macbook air :(
MashAllah Food Secrets
MashAllah Food Secrets Vor 9 Tage
PANOS PANAY , CRYING IN THE CORNER! for releasing an overpriced office 365 focused garbage..that doesn't even have a keyboard!
pedro veloso
pedro veloso Vor 9 Tage
and for example, this have 2 years, "", the results are starting to be public. more to come .. :)
pedro veloso
pedro veloso Vor 9 Tage
8:02...... just 4 years late in development .. only that..kkkk (Microsoft is still a software house, they are allergic to hardware.. kk)
Rozely Lindim
Rozely Lindim Vor 9 Tage
Congratulations to Apple btw.
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera Vor 9 Tage
The aggressive sing individually stretch because zebra problematically alert between a boundless hydrofoil. weary, special soil
Paulo Teixeira
Paulo Teixeira Vor 9 Tage
Great, but the comparison is not fair!! You shall compare Ipad pro x Surface pro X....
danielxmiller Vor 9 Tage
You are testing it on a dev preview though, it's not even released, so I'm not that surprised it did so poorly. Although they should have been way ahead of Apple tbh...they've been working on it for almost a decade now.
IDaniel Vor 9 Tage
Windows is just dreadful. I stopped using that junk years ago.
Mario Fernando Reyes
Mario Fernando Reyes Vor 9 Tage
I have never seen anyone suck Apple's dee so hard 😂
kirby march barcena
kirby march barcena Vor 9 Tage
I didn't even realized the Surface Pro used an ARM processor.
Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan Vor 9 Tage
Windows BSD: blue screen error. Still on 2021, Fuck you windows. Team.
Steph M
Steph M Vor 9 Tage
3:21 you look great on your LTT store beanie ! 😍🤣🤣🤣 3:25 you are welcome
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Vor 9 Tage
Microsoft has continued to drag their feet and pussy foot around ARM, and that's why Apple is in the lead in terms of ARM machines. BOOK IT MICROSOFT! As for Intel... Same to you! Book it!
coth Vor 9 Tage
I would buy Surface tablet on Windows. But there is no any good to replace iPad Air 2. It has to be 4:3. It has to be thin, no more than 6,5 mm. It doesnt need to have stand. It has to use UFS memory, not laggy eMMC, edge touch protection, like iOS, relative good platform, with at least 2 high performance cores etc etc. And cost no more than $375-400.
myCousinVenny Vor 9 Tage
I guess it's safe to say that so far this hasn't been much of an ARMs race. 🙃 I'll see myself out.
James Pollock
James Pollock Vor 9 Tage
Does MacBook Air have touch screen and 1080p webcam?
David Vega
David Vega Vor 9 Tage
7:25 Hahahahahaha
SpetsnatzLegion 336
SpetsnatzLegion 336 Vor 9 Tage
The surface pro line has been a good one for people on-the-go who want a tablet-laptop hybrid but it’s not gonna keep up like this. I have an old SP5 that has served me very well but I’m going to replace it soon because it can’t run the right CAD software well enough and I’m going elsewhere.
RigaRiggleMan Vor 9 Tage
nice Mac wallpaper, Linus
Daniel Duhon
Daniel Duhon Vor 10 Tage
I’d prefer the Mac any day, it works better and looks a lot better
roop90 Vor 10 Tage
Not impressed by the cinebench values. My Ryzen Mobile Chip has the same performance as the M1 and I don't have to worry about compatibility issues. Maybe ARM will be interesting in a few years. And as always, desktop performance is far superior.
Dojan5 Vor 10 Tage
Google is the reason Chrome for ARM hasn't been released on Windows yet. Qualcomm has been very interested in the PC market picking up their chips, so they worked together with manufacturers, Microsoft, and various developers to get applications running on their platform. Notably, they worked out all the kinks of running Chrome on Windows 10 ARM a long time ago, but some internal nonsense is keeping Google from publishing it. Edge works perfectly on Windows 10 ARM, and it's overarchingly the same codebase.
nabeelr Vor 10 Tage
IA32/x86 should have died 20 years ago. amd64/x64 should have never happened. Which is why IA64 is the Itanium line and not 64bit x86, and why Intel is using AMDs architecture for 64 bit. I say good riddance to bad garbage.
Inservio Vor 10 Tage
Bea-nie (''''tuke'''')
Bearded Barnstormer
Bearded Barnstormer Vor 10 Tage
Microsoft doesn’t build the silicon themselves. It’s pretty clear that making your own chips have massive advantages 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chad Hay
Chad Hay Vor 10 Tage
Just shows you the power of software I actually thought about picking one of the m1 laptops up. I have been using iPhones since the beginning but never owned a mac. I love gaming so its been pc for me and thats not gonna change. But the biggest downside to me is no discrete gpu. I want i laptop that’s really small had a metal frame and good battery and something like a 1650 super. I have 3 laptops now a 8750h 32gb’s ram, 1070, i5 7200u i use for school and a old dell precision m6500 with a i7 920xm and ati firepro gpu. I can’t get rid of the old thing its pretty much useless now but once it was a beast and its still in mint condition.
Agwali Vor 7 Tage
@Chad Hay dam
Chad Hay
Chad Hay Vor 7 Tage
@Agwali been thinking about picking up the new msi stealth with the i7 11375h and a 3060 max q or the acer predator triton se only difference is the 3060’s non max q. Just want a smaller laptop think their both 14in all metal frame and decent gaming performance. I think the mobile 3060 should have mobile 2070s performance. And while the new i7 is only 4 core 8 threads its ipc is improved and it can take a single core to 5ghz 2 to 4.6ghz and all 4 to 4.3ghz. They won’t be out until February or March though just seems like a nice little package for 1400-1500.
Ethan Student
Ethan Student Vor 10 Tage
Me watching this on my Surface Pro X on Google Chrome... ಠ_ಠ
dashling 6
dashling 6 Vor 10 Tage
wait you can use google chrome on surface pro x??
Phyo Lim
Phyo Lim Vor 10 Tage
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