It's Time for the Truth About Foldables - Galaxy Z Fold2 1 Month Review

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Linus' favorite smartphone gets an update in the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's latest folding flagship.
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Stephan de V
Stephan de V Vor 20 Stunden
1 grain of sand inbetween and bye bye nice screen. you can scratch /deform permanently this screen with sliding your nail over it. ill not go back to plastic screens. had those with pocketpc time i love glass screens noww
delbianco ortolani
delbianco ortolani Vor 23 Stunden
italia 2300 euro 😂😂😂😂😂
Flufflebut Vor Tag
It is always so frustrating. You hit a bug on an app A on device B. You file a ticket with app A. They reply weeks later and said their app works fine, it is device B that is buggy. You go to device B and file a ticket. They say their device works fine and app A is to blame. Neither take responsibility, neither do anything to fix or improve. You can provide proof that A or B is truely to blame, but then you get ghosted and hear nothing. Cause let's be real, the customer service and companies doesn't give 2 cents about helping or hearing out individual customers. It's all lipservice, auto replies, and chat bots to placeate the masses. Anyone involved in real decisions and design are: 1 practical genius drowned by 9 silicon valley bubble bois so enamoured with tech "fashion" and so far removed from their consumers, that we get unpopular decisions like smartphones devolving out the sd card slot, headphone jack, waterproofing, etc., in favor of absurd gimmicky flashy "features" like a battery killing 4k on a tiny smartphone screen or an unreprogrammable dedicated Bixby button. Same with software. Like how much money has DEpost itself wasted on pointless UI ascetics revamps instead of showing some love for smaller creators? Corpos seem determined to slowly disfigure DEpost into just another cable channel, but on the internet.
Beedo Hassan
Beedo Hassan Vor 2 Tage
Isn’t this screen thin glass?
Kevin Nathaniel Esquibel
Kevin Nathaniel Esquibel Vor 2 Tage
RPG Drifter - Gamer Rant
RPG Drifter - Gamer Rant Vor 3 Tage
Useless Fact: You can screen share on a Smart TV & than connect a Bluetooth mouse & keyboard (to the phone).
Celestunia Vor 3 Tage
The only thing stopping me from getting phones like these are the fact that I don't need all of that space, and built my own PC for only a 5 hundred more than the cost of the phone. :/
I Hate Communism
I Hate Communism Vor 4 Tage
I almost bought this phone, but changed my mind at the last minute and grabbed the Note 20 Ultra..I had the Note 10 Plus, but I accidentally crushed it with a track-hoe and the warranty people couldn't get one, so they just sent me a check, lol. I basically got a free upgrade to the Note 20..
Davey IJzermans
Davey IJzermans Vor 4 Tage
I can find merit in all the points you mention. But I love my Galaxy Fold 2. I used to have an HTC Desire Z with a hinged screen and QWERTY keyboard. It wasn't a flagship phone by any stretch but I loved the keyboard so much I used it until it became too slow to use with modern Android apps. The Fold 2, now, has given me back that typing experience, in a phone that will actually be high end for a long time. And that makes it well worth the price, for me personally. I absolutely adore it, despite it's quirks.
Kazmir Runik
Kazmir Runik Vor 4 Tage
Your gamebreaking cons here really have to do with software, and that has largely been fixed already. The inputs can be moved to either half of the screen, the standard keyboard will split down the middle now so your hands can reach, the more popular apps have rolled out updates (including a "laptop mode" on DEpost where if you fold the phone partially, you can have the focused video at the top screen and your UI on what would be a laptop's keyboard area), and less popular apps can each individually have their behavior configured in the phone's settings. However, to add a con, do NOT try cleaning the hinge and then opening up the phone. The cleaning agent may unseat the lubricant, and it can brick parts of the phone; I lost the front screen and only got an easy replacement because it was under 2 weeks old. On a related note, opening and closing the screen has this creaky greasy sound right out of the box, though you do have to listen for it to hear it. That sound is why I tried cleaning the hinge in the first place: I thought it was from kids putting their greasy fingers on it, but it turned out it was just the (required!) hinge lubricant!
D.V F Vor 5 Tage
Hello, my zfold 2 1 Week ago droop into wc, i imediatly got it out ( look me like 3 second to get it out i was really fast) it also Made a very big rumore as it hit inside, i got it clean from the water and everything was fine, in the morning i woke up and the outside screen was doing some kind of flashes, i turned it of for 2 days, 1 day i left it in a cup of rise and 1 day i keep it in a worm place, i turn it on and the screen was green, i turn it off for 2 hrs and then when i turn it on the screen was not working at all, full black, then it goes full green then black again Anyone know what damage i cause to him, pls
Dreamoutloud 103
Dreamoutloud 103 Vor 6 Tage
Mine is coming tomorrow
Lucid Lavender
Lucid Lavender Vor 6 Tage
I refuse to go past the galaxy s10 because they let go of the aux cords...
MD. Abdullah
MD. Abdullah Vor 6 Tage
It is real thin glass
Aaron Backlund
Aaron Backlund Vor 7 Tage
11:55 "Oh. It's just the ROG Phone" XD
Aaron Backlund
Aaron Backlund Vor 7 Tage
Linus Drop Tips?
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen Vor 8 Tage
MS teams? Poor guy
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen Vor 8 Tage
Don' t use Whatsapp any longer, guys
Taking A Banger
Taking A Banger Vor 8 Tage
This dude has serial killer eyes
Elastix Vor 9 Tage
Linus, can you send me the fold2 if you don't like it anyway?
yehudi zahalla
yehudi zahalla Vor 9 Tage
Phones are for making calls. Watching TV? Gaming on a phone? Really. Idiocy
The Hrethgir
The Hrethgir Vor 9 Tage
Note 9 crew, UNITE!
Krussy Vor 10 Tage
He put that blooper in the end just in case somebody didn't get the joke and thought that he was serious about pet murder
Scorebat Vor 10 Tage
*dbrand's linus face appears* me: damn that's a hot case linus: this ugly picture of me me: :0
Javier Vor 10 Tage
Android OS always feels sluggish compared to iPhones
RE Styles
RE Styles Vor 10 Tage
Brilliant with the skins Linus
jojohaj1087 Vor 10 Tage
I use Teams for work as well and I have the Samsung Note 20 Ultra and I don't get notifications from it... However, you have to be clocked in, in order to receive any notifications or use MS Teams in general but even then when I'm clocked in, which is almost always, I still don't get notifications so I think it's a Samsung issue.
ti6493 Vor 11 Tage
You've sold me, I'll be getting one once my contract is up in May!
Upul Doluweera
Upul Doluweera Vor 11 Tage
Fucked up review, biased
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
biased because you don't like it? not biased.
Upul Doluweera
Upul Doluweera Vor 11 Tage
Well apple is fucked up to the core, thank you but no thank you.
Alex Susu
Alex Susu Vor 11 Tage
12:50 a bit of "corporate" Linus :))
Doktor Kalashnikov
Doktor Kalashnikov Vor 12 Tage
Actually... there is foldable glass nowdays...
Zé Felici
Zé Felici Vor 14 Tage
imagine this with an s-pen
Jet Cooper
Jet Cooper Vor 14 Tage
Crease......Plastic screen = not good enough to consider.
Damon Wright
Damon Wright Vor 15 Tage
I've had every note phone that came out except for the 20. And I bought the thief hoe 2 when it first came out I love this phone I'm definitely going to get the z43 when it comes out I don't have any of the issues that he's talking about. And I use my front screen more than that open the screen up itself. Also I thought I wouldn't like the small screen it seems like it's easier to use even when I'm driving or trying to use a one-hand use
Rara D
Rara D Vor 16 Tage
nothing u said was a bug tbh it think u just need to stick to ur crappy phone- match made in heaven
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
the note 9 is far from a "crappy" phone. sheesh.
haidar hakim
haidar hakim Vor 17 Tage
I will upgrade from a note 9 to the z fold 3. I think that's a major leap
haidar hakim
haidar hakim Vor 17 Tage
Apple has a super powerful new chip sitting in the same phone from the year before 🤷‍♂️
haidar hakim
haidar hakim Vor 17 Tage
Patiently waiting for the Z fold 3
kiki lu
kiki lu Vor 17 Tage
this phone cost over $3000 in nz.... that's like 4 months of rent.
Modern gun guy
Modern gun guy Vor 17 Tage
why would I type on a phone when I have voice to text I almost never touch keyboards anymore except for Corrections
Cody Scott
Cody Scott Vor 20 Tage
lmao the pic of you on all 3 was fantastic
Enrique Francois
Enrique Francois Vor 21 Tag
I don't have pets
Shalvin P Shaji
Shalvin P Shaji Vor 21 Tag
From dollars per square inch screen stand point, my decade old CRT TV was the best
Da' Vi Perez
Da' Vi Perez Vor 21 Tag
Gosh his voice is more annoying. Then that other annoying Vanilla Bean. Chris Pirollo 😩🤬
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
then go away. problem solved.
Phate's Great Channel
Phate's Great Channel Vor 21 Tag
Someone please make a compilation of Linus dropping things xDDDD
Raptor Swire
Raptor Swire Vor 21 Tag
Samsung just made it to FLEX that they can build this...if it's a good product they do not care (obviously)
Sp Who Me?
Sp Who Me? Vor 22 Tage
Americans don't realise how lucky they are. I'm from Africa and the iPhone X was $2000. So when yall complain I'm like this is nothing.
ytfsic Vor 22 Tage
Whoa, Linus thirst trap at 10:45. Hubba hubba.
tand more
tand more Vor 23 Tage
11:54 linus drop tips
hapac money loader
hapac money loader Vor 23 Tage
Tries but not funny...just annoying.
Dartheomus Vor 24 Tage
I don't understand who buys this phone. I personally would not be able to deal with the bump right down the middle. Furthermore, the aspect ratio on the unfolded phone doesn't match any media type. None of it makes any sense, and it looks like a terrible user experience. I just got a note 20 ultra, and I love it.
Cedric Heidler
Cedric Heidler Vor 24 Tage
I find it interesting you mention Teams specifically. Since they do have an option on by default which is if teams is open on your computer it won't send notifications to the mobile app. I think for most that stay at their desk its a nice feature that prevents duplicate notifications. The problem is if you step away a lot for long periods things will get missed. Also it can be buggy. Like Linus said notifications in Teams is a hot mess.
Emma Bentley
Emma Bentley Vor 25 Tage
nearly every single one of these have now been fixed @Linus Tech Tips no issues with any of these on my Z Fold 2
Blanca Zavala
Blanca Zavala Vor 25 Tage
The sore brass renomegaly touch because middle microscopically coach than a dear rise. bizarre, strange anime
Keoki Ah Lo
Keoki Ah Lo Vor 27 Tage
Every time I watch a Linus video I always come away feeling, so this is what it's like to not take my adderall and make youtube videos, kind of way.
Micro Tech
Micro Tech Vor 27 Tage
Mantis 09
Mantis 09 Vor 27 Tage
Apple SE ten times better. Sorry for the Samsung users! Good luck!
Sanyam Malhan
Sanyam Malhan Vor 28 Tage
Microsoft Teams is pretty bad at notifications, I get notification but no sound I have to use by fitness band to get notified about Teams.
JJS Vor Monat
Must have teeny, tiny little hands. No issues with the screen fully open. No idea why Apple Fangirls review other phones. It's akin to the MSM. An absolute bias.
My Two Scents
My Two Scents Vor Monat
Needs pen🖊
Kristoffe Brodeur
Kristoffe Brodeur Vor Monat
awesome review, linus
Andrea Mitchell
Andrea Mitchell Vor Monat
3:29 That actually reads 714 nits not 741 nits Do I detect a touch of aixelsyd ?
Goodgurugamingent Unknownerror
Goodgurugamingent Unknownerror Vor Monat
My friend had the galaxy fold and that device was in beta not sure why they charged over a grand for a product that went brick after a month lmdao don't buy the first one it's trash the fold 2 and 3 helpfully will be completely finished devices cause the original fold was a fuck up don't let this guy tell its a good phone its not
Sai Japz
Sai Japz Vor Monat
pet murder then 🤣
Mary B
Mary B Vor Monat
stop crying dude
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
stop whining
Mary B
Mary B Vor Monat
he’s just complaining too much on an awesome and revolutionary design
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
boo hoo.
Milo Vor Monat
Hopefully he's discovered by now that you can put the keyboard into floating mode, allowing it to be placed anywhere. I get all of my Teams notifications.
Flexee Anonymous
Flexee Anonymous Vor Monat
Some people are not stupid to take selfies.
amazing bacon
amazing bacon Vor Monat
There actually is a thin layer of glass underneath the layer of plastic so yes glass does fold but it's just super thin so it's not as brittle or fragile as you might think
explicitcorp Vor Monat
Wait some of these issues don't make sense, I have a fold 1 and I get all notifications, and I used teams everyday for school. Also I have full functionality on DEpost with community posts etc ... so I'm assuming they'll fix these features on the fold 2 as well
Chris Bryan
Chris Bryan Vor Monat
Every person watching is interested in the phone.... lets start off by saying who would pay 2k for a phone well not me. Way to have me lose interest in what you are saying from minute one.
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
then leave
ethan Millan
ethan Millan Vor Monat
I'm pretty happy at the price as I want a tablet and a phone in one
QUSAGE Vor Monat
I'm still laughing at this phone.
Tom Vor Monat
11:11 Wait, how many google engineers coordinate with the iphone 12 manufacturers? wtf?
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Vor Monat
I find it funny how Linus thinks that making a post or uploading a 20 second clip to youtube is somehow a quintessential part of his career.
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Vor 10 Tage
@Clinton McCool on his youtube stories. Those short clips that are basically a rip off of Instagram's stories feature
Clinton McCool
Clinton McCool Vor 10 Tage
exactly where do you see that? stupid comment....
Sorbello Tony
Sorbello Tony Vor Monat
2:47 u do realize that u could just use the selfie camera in the outer display with the fold closed lol
Shugg Filmz And Studio
Shugg Filmz And Studio Vor Monat
If you are interested in a carbon fiber case for Z Fold 2
Frank AutiWele
Frank AutiWele Vor Monat
Idk man, that face skin looks really cool.
chwaca Vor Monat
In 10 years from now Apple will come with ''their'' ''revolutionary'' design of foldable iPhone for only $9999 :-D :-D :-D
FragKaan Vor 17 Tage
*Front screen sold separately
Darren Lee jones
Darren Lee jones Vor 19 Tage
@zemetras fold sold separately
Rex Luminus
Rex Luminus Vor 19 Tage
Kaushal Karthikeyan
Kaushal Karthikeyan Vor 21 Tag
@zemetras you mean hinge sold separately,with no ports and wireless charger sold separately (costs $1000 for charger,$3000 for hinge)
Guile Vor Monat
With a proprietary charger
Rakiras Niqola
Rakiras Niqola Vor Monat
i wanna get it so bad but im to nervous to tell my parents to buy it because they will think i am greedy for a phome
NSE 465
NSE 465 Vor Monat
Why can't it in closed mode just be the size of a normal smartphone? So when it opens it becomes 16:9. I don't like the aspect ratio of this Z fold 2 (or its name), but the concept is there.
king_egg Vor Monat
People are acting like foldable devices are new when Nintendo did it in 2004
Christopher Hiralall
Christopher Hiralall Vor Monat
My daily driver is the note 9 and I was hoping to keep it for a few more years - thoughts on the recent screen issues and bugs with discoloration?
Arsham Sobbi
Arsham Sobbi Vor Monat
So Samsung is making a fancy DS
Alex T
Alex T Vor Monat
Taller unit would render the unit useless for the purposes of a smartphone/tablet. It'd just be a tablet being that you wouldn't have a useable outside screen. Can't have your cake and eat it to. Lol
Curtis Conley
Curtis Conley Vor Monat
The truth is easy not ready for prime time we don't have the materials available to make foldable truly viable
Andro dibox
Andro dibox Vor Monat
That moment you realize the software improvements are never coming to the $2k phone from last year, you realize this phone isn't worth more than about $500
Jason Scherer
Jason Scherer Vor Monat
Linus, you're a nutcase.
Ray_Chaz Vor Monat
Pair this phone with your NextDock
1ifemare Vor Monat
That's actually quite a flattering picture of you, Linus.
cristian klement
cristian klement Vor Monat
;ose tehe beard is hilllllarioussssss
K. Baller
K. Baller Vor Monat
10:45 ewwww why is linus taking photos like that to send to girls? Omg.... Looks anorexic
sequi- tur
sequi- tur Vor Monat
The phone is smarter than you because anyone who pays $2k for a silly device, is an idiot.
Marie Day
Marie Day Vor Monat
I have an iPhone, and I have no clue what any of you here in these comments are talking about. Apparently some sort of Android private joke I assume?
Kumodot Vor Monat
Save that title for the OPPO 2021 Foldable. That's the best form factor.
SirWaffleburger Vor Monat
more accurately, robots will come murder your chances of getting a new graphics card or console for christmas
Harriet Ramos
Harriet Ramos Vor Monat
"oh its just the ROG phone" -LinusDropTips 2020
qwiver Vor Monat
i dont care what anyone else says its just a more modern ds to me
Elijah Abdulrahman
Elijah Abdulrahman Vor Monat
My ROG Phone II, slippery as'll fall off the flattest of surfaces
Usman Timothy
Usman Timothy Vor Monat
I love using Galaxy phone's. Is one of the best phone in the world....the only issue there is.. can u afford it💰💰💰💰
Crypto crew University
Crypto crew University Vor Monat
@Crypto Jebb I have done that too🙏🙏🙏
Crypto Jebb
Crypto Jebb Vor Monat
I just messaged him now on WhatsApp, hope he replies me.
Crypto Crew University
Crypto Crew University Vor Monat
Good Recommendations about Mr Adam Walter every, where I think I should give him a try.....
The Moon
The Moon Vor Monat
He's tradeing last week was massive boom 💥💥💥
The Moon
The Moon Vor Monat
When someone is straight forward and good at what they do, people will always speak for them.for me I would say give Mr Adam Walter of financial education a try and you I'll be happy you did.
I bought a TRANSPARENT TV for $7000 :*(
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