NVIDIA Shortage due to CRYPTO MINERS?? - WAN Show November 27 , 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Prasoon Tiwari)
0:00:00 - Welcome to Wan Show
0:00:10 - [Headline Topic] Nvidia sold RTX 30 GPUs to Miners [Jump to 0:03:37]
0:00:36 - [Headline Topic] Intel spreads FUD on Ryzen 4000 Battery Performance [Jump to 0:13:31]
0:00:57 - [Headline Topic] Scalping Group snapped up 3500 PS5 [Jump to 0:27:09]
0:01:10 - [Headline Topic] Alexa Devices turning to "Opt Out" Public Mesh Wi-Fi Network [Jump to 0:56:59]
0:01:44 - Intro
0:03:24 - [Headline Topic] Windows running on Apple Silicon [Jump to 0:38:44]
0:03:37 - Nvidia sold RTX 30 GPUs to Miners
0:13:31 - Intel spreads FUD on Ryzen 4000 Battery Performance
0:24:40 - [SPONSOR] BitDefender
0:25:28 - [SPONSOR] Honey
0:26:20 - [SPONSOR] Vessi Shoes
0:27:09 - Scalping Group snapped up 3500 PS5
0:35:49 - LTT Store Ad - The ABCs of Gaming
0:38:44 - Windows running on Apple Silicon
0:43:16 - Discussion on LTT Store's "The ABCs of Gaming"
0:56:59 - Alexa Devices turning to "opt Out" Public Mesh WiFi Network
1:02:59 - EU votes for Standardize Lifetime & Reparability Rating on Products
1:05:38 - Apple M1x Silicon Leaks
1:07:45 - Superchats
1:17:05 - WAN Show Outro

Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips Vor Monat
Buy the ABCs of Gaming: www.lttstore.com/products/abcsofgaming
Verbose Tech
Verbose Tech Vor Monat
The shipping is not free. I wonder when it will come to the local store or free shipping.
Vardek Petrovic
Vardek Petrovic Vor Monat
@Thomas Phillips You might be right.
Make a video where every computer part is $69
David L
David L Vor Monat
Our baby is due in April, this book has already been purchased and delivered. It is very cute, and the art is perfect. I highly recommend.
Paul Rosenow
Paul Rosenow Vor Monat
I dunno, maybe tell me for another 15 minutes how you're not worried about it?
Argentius Darkkon
Argentius Darkkon Vor 15 Tage
Understandable if you have proof, but tell me this, how is it all the crypto miners were able to get all the card and nobody else was..?
Jon Cassidy
Jon Cassidy Vor 18 Tage
Inre the q u asked abt why? Miners can and will immediately monetize any efficiency gains relative to the current crypto market. But for the mass of gamers, the incredible high-end efficiency gains promised by the 30-series don't translate to immediate need/demand relative to gaming use cases, eg, few have the monitors that might pair with them, and the games that deploy the new tech effectively are non-existent, as seen in the sacrificial lamb called Cyberpunk. Gamers are all trickle-downers -- we're happy to shop for 1080Tis & 2060 Supers at the new lower prices provoked by the existence of the 30 series. Or just wait to get them in a year at even better prices. TLDR: Miners value GPU efficiency gains per se; gamers value them relative to the rest of their system & library, which will always be a relatively elastic demand. On the other hand, these new cards do slurp a lot of power. Maybe we should all just wait to fight over board-powered 3050Tis that do 4k 45 fps on med-hi settings.
Marc Bensen
Marc Bensen Vor 26 Tage
Wanna talk about scalpers check the used market
Rahlo Vor 29 Tage
"...go somewhere else?..." Yes, I'm going to wait on the 6900xt vice waiting for Nvidia. Benchmarks meet requirements for me. Bye bye Nvidia and their shady company. Pretty sure benchmarks released after this video so I agreed with Linus until the 6900xt results released.
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru Vor Monat
I like the headphones because it means I can’t see his earrings
M8 N8
M8 N8 Vor Monat
Uf...what if all this tensor cores, RT and DLSS crap is just great tech for mining, because it's surely is not great for actual RL gaming
richfiles π
richfiles π Vor Monat
Screw Vantablack... Get Black 3.0. Vantablack gets it's darkness from the black inside Anish Kapoor's soul.
richfiles π
richfiles π Vor Monat
Honestly... I just wanna see the return of screws... I'm so sick and tired of glued together devices.
richfiles π
richfiles π Vor Monat
58:50... Odd you say that, but two of the city's sub electrical grid divisions intersect along the two adjacent streets to one corner of my property, so _quite literally,_ if my power goes out, it'll be dark all the way down one street, but across the street to my west and to my north, they'll still be lit up! There's only one property west of me, and they are on the north grid , and the north grid is it's own circuit. XD
Paul Saunders
Paul Saunders Vor Monat
SO my purchase of a Asus TUF 3080 at the beginning of September is in a queue.. Currently at 150. Its dropped by about 110 since the start.. apart from one big drop it is averaging 1 card per business day.. So I expect my card sometime in July!
Dave Rostron
Dave Rostron Vor Monat
surely its simple. Make a limitited amount (seems to have hedged bets too, ps5 and xbox also) What is it about 96% of profits are in like the first week.. So release say the new GPU with only enough for the ones you've "coinsidentilly" promised people. Oh and a good marketing. Bitcoin went from like 9 to 16000 dollars during this second lockdown in UK. For the first time since its release its bbeen very easy to profit on trading coin. Alsp where as banks trickle the balance of promise and held wealth Bitcoin stops people being able to sell coin for so long every 25kjj transactions. This is the second one. It creates a forced suply and demand phenomina. as nobody istrading them for this period the currency gains about a 4ish% rise "Its exactly the same as the 1.6-3.4% intrest rate rises every year from the banks. Say you had access to say a million dollars in expendable weallth are you saying an instant 4% gain in "fully gaurenteed too. In a time where cryptos like elytrium is gaining a 200& value some days. Basically they knew that during lock down the miners have got bored and pulled out there rigs and created a movement to try and make cryptos worth a million each. Personally though i like using 10 amazon fire HD's. Damn the speed of the rise is for the first time coming in at less on the electric bill that ever before but having 10 tablets plugged into a 10 port 26v belkin charger with 3.6A per usb. Ofcource linus and his buddies ar well aware of this and are no doubt killing it in the amount they are making. Damn you this the Big dude just kinda wants to make an amd and nvidia card work together... Stuff like that and understanding drivers to the level he gets is serious time no lifing. Wouldnt it be funny is by putting android on a switch its one really powerfull elytrum miner but they just wanted to show off they can rather than having a proof of concept power effiecient mining rig which kinda eliminated the heat disipation as the screen turned off while mining. However im just someone who lived on the streets for 4 years and not done any of the things ive acuratly portrayed above. I make a living going through skips and bins though after a litteral year of living (not in a n elevator) ive got the internet and after the obvious first thing i did the next was seeing why silver is over 50p a gramm when the highest ive ever known it is 15p stirling. Sorry chatted loadsa shit here dunno why think its a boredom thing mixed in with being a little annoyed of the NVidia "banded together brothers in arms" "journalism buddies". Watched a couple like that and was catapulted to a time where my ineer thoughts sounded like "Like OH my god stomidy fucking lawnmowed his fucking xbox and now we have to completely tictoc out way to worshiping little fucking 11 year olds , all hail the musically while sticking things in my ass while playing games that were designed for these fucking tictoc lipsyncing cunts" Sorry mmmm misss leaft.... And runny windows on apple devices is really common play its a good was to circumnavigate activation locks on older IPads. Didnt realise microsoft was still selling windows activley. Ive somehow ended up with a pro key linked to my account :P Anyone Whos actually read this have become more messed up mentally through being alone during lockldown for that "killer" desiese where as many as 2/3rds of people dont have any symptoms which no matter what statistics are thrown at us male suicide still kills more people in less time than covid-19 has and is projected to kill. Also (sorry sensitive side of a sublect however...)... 6 years ago i had lung surgery in both lungs as they kepty on colapseing for no reason "spontanious pnemothorax" Which i havent spoke to a doctor because last time i went to a doctor i was having lung surgery and maybe a short stay in the nuthouse . Under the age of 24 the survival rate is well over 99% to even have a bad time from it. Unfortuantly though over 65 with basically anything wrong your erm... RESPECT to anyone over 65 truly. Now seems as we have been forceing each other to stay in because we been grassing each other up for going shops "too many times in a day and is more than daily exersise" acting like there covid laws. Infact ive read Britich newspapers news outlets on television the daily papers (which believe it or not the free paper at uk trainstations and on busses are still there. Even the media outlets of of the big "parranoid" security comunity are "locking down" and wiching people to "stay safe" exactly like the purge. Oh yea my point being im the wrong side of 30 so i want coronavirus 19 as young as possible. Even though the contageoun "virus" is one of the fastedt spreading microorganism ever! Its the commopn cold Aids is also a coronavirrus notice its all one word break it down COR'e' ON A VIRUS even the buzz word is broken down like a carvin number and te ellusive E numbers sending us all hyper in the late 90's early 00's . Anyone whos read this entirely then respect. Its the lonely ramblings of a man whos suffered mental health issues most of my life , Street homeless for 4 christmasses consecutively with a speed habbit and instaead of talking to myself and often lately becoming quite angry with myself and having some actually decent arguements :P and i think most of this has made sence though if conveyed by the 3 monkeys would be erm like listening to instructions from a dumb girl weeks away from her first birthday. MMMM yep english sarcasm lowest form of whit, though whit is in the highest forms of inteligence so what my look like a bit of brain dribbling out my ear and bad breath from verbal diahreah. Anyone actually sat through all this deserves this offer. Ive got a pretty solid buissness model with an impressive prjection of growth based on talking to some friends of mine (mmm friends theyre high up salvation army majors ive met from being homeless) Ive got a tight was to make a decent living for a team of people and im happy to give 50% interlectual propoerty while making a good living and doin an actual massive amount in a global comunity. trust me would be nice to put some kinda plan into action i just cant make code and this is a solid model which basically has backing from some good people who as an organization lost out on over a billion pounds of charity funded revenue during the first lockdown. Salvation army.
MrMegaPussyPlayer Vor Monat
51:00 Some games I play on 15 fps ...
MrMegaPussyPlayer Vor Monat
46:41 That is one thing that is illegal in Germany.
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Magician Girl Vor Monat
What if miners used AGP 128 MB gpu
Shen Long
Shen Long Vor Monat
I was lacking a skill as far that i has trouble to understand that round shape with the 2 short lines inside and the multiple small lines on the outside for a long time (like age ~8, ~2. class in germany) that looks nothing like the clock on the wall in our kitchen that i could read. Now i can read the analog clock, no problem.
ModsBy Morgue
ModsBy Morgue Vor Monat
55:39 thank you Linus
fishin4salmon Vor Monat
As a Canadian Honey has never worked for me. Why do you pump it and not to mention it fails in Canadian stores. I get it, your largest market is in the USA but please make a side note so we won't load it.
nem tudom
nem tudom Vor Monat
36:32 Jesus christ, who's arm is that? Thats jacked even for like, David, or idk
issaciams Vor Monat
My son is 17 and I still can't get him to read just for the enjoyment of reading. Been trying for his whole life but video games is life for him. Even when I limit the crap out of them for him. Sucks.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Vor Monat
#FUnVidia!!! :-(
Irishgamer01 Vor Monat
jandersson@nvidia.com; bberraondo@nvidia.com Nvida PR. Protest emails. Don't embarrass the guys at hardware unboxed by being rude or crude.
Mr Jameson
Mr Jameson Vor Monat
The only reason all these companies care about sales in the US the most is because they have the highest global GDP where 70% of that is from consumers. In the US, companies get the highest valuations. Net for net, there is a lot to be said about doing business in the US - unless you're a small business owner during COVID
Frosty. Vor Monat
*anti-scalper idea #31:* big retailers share a backend with a list of hashed addresses that have already ordered n of the item, within a certain time period obviously getting them all to agree to that would be impossible, but still.. could work
Robert Mc
Robert Mc Vor Monat
The answer to
Bryan Stiver
Bryan Stiver Vor Monat
"miners not minors"
anthrmthrfckr Vor Monat
there should be a massdrop for GPUs.
Rampage Vor Monat
and why is scalping not illegal? like can't we just make a new law saying you a private person can't legaly resell products for more than what they go for in stores. and put like a time limit like let's say 1year on gpu's so scalpers whould be facing serious punishment for trying to fuck over people like that. becaus att this point it should be illegal theres no reason to let people resell new stuff for above market value.
Entruv Vor Monat
messi seems to know a lot about computers
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi Vor Monat
I just love how youtubers think their main audience is from the us. DEpost default is us and usually nobody changes that settings. Even though I from Europe and even if I use youtube in another language i still count as a us citizen according to youtube
Linnoff Vor Monat
Not that I'd want to participate in something like this Amazon mesh network thing, but I am one of those where legitimately my neighbor and I are on different transformers, so multiple times one or the other of us has been without power while the other isn't. They used a bit of our fridge space one year that it lasted a long time.
Sawta Vor Monat
44:39 Instead of A being for apple, _now_ A is for Apple.
kerossin Vor Monat
That Alexa bullshit was only a matter of time. That's what you get for willingly buying spyware, it's the next level of the user becoming the product. At least with services like Google you don't pay money but with things like Alexa you paid money to get a device in your house for a billion dollar company to do anything they want.
please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن
please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن Vor Monat
"Scan your passport to buy things!" The surveillance state: Write that down, write that down!
please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن
please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن Vor Monat
Pssstttt... you can game *and* mine crypto, guys Just not at the same time
Nexus Prime
Nexus Prime Vor Monat
linus now owns badcondoms.com it goes to lttstore.com this is amazing.
SkyAdmiralDante Vor Monat
Replying to Luke who asked regarding Australian shipments of 30 series cards, I work in the industry and from everyone I've spoken with and seen myself through my suppliers there are very few cards in anyones hands here.
Kevin hamlett
Kevin hamlett Vor Monat
3d Printng on diy 3d printer. I put dual z axis and few upgrades bracing and tensioners Printing mini catapults for my kids class for a Christmas gift to hand out i need 20 of them. Fun long night and wan show. Linus I need a new machine I am on an old ass i5 with a gtx1650ti. I do have a couple of ssd hard drives so I boot in 20 seconds but still need an upgrade. Buy the way you should hire me to work for you I have a ton of useful skills for your company LMG. So I need a new machine and a new job. How about it Linus. Who am I kidding, you will not even see this.
MarkFromSales Vor Monat
Giraffe-ics Interchange Format, lol
Shael's Studio
Shael's Studio Vor Monat
ABC of gaming and "A" cannot be for Apple , That sounds about right.
J K Vor Monat
So, nvidia sells graphics cards to miners and then scalpers buy the cards that actually goes to retail. Leaving customers that either want an upgrade, or replace a broken part (me atm) on the waiting list
whiteandnerdytuba Vor Monat
Companies buy pallets of gpus all the time. Doesn’t matter what the company uses them for
moroporotoro Vor Monat
Intel doing something wrong. Linus: please stop Apple doing something wrong Linus: AS(s) is just bullshit and Apple is super bad for showing incorrect slides.
hello wodl
hello wodl Vor Monat
The trick is, miners are out for a profit. Gamers are more inclined to pay a higher price for a GPU with limited availability.
Phillip Abbott
Phillip Abbott Vor Monat
Perhaps the user should be able to choose between battery life and performance.
tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac Vor Monat
The squealing window frustratingly escape because goal architecturally pedal minus a spooky sleep. obtainable, halting drug
HateG Plus
HateG Plus Vor Monat
Even if they used passports for "one item per customer" there are plenty of poor people in the world that will let you borrow their identity for a small amount.
Scott H
Scott H Vor Monat
31:04 so this is just the first dead end you've come across Welcome to late-stage capitalism
StormCloud Vor Monat
I tried to go to badcondoms.com ... it redirects to ltt now...
john izmirlian
john izmirlian Vor Monat
When there's a way to exploit a situation there will always be morally bankrupt people who will do anything to take advantage of it.
Lucas E
Lucas E Vor Monat
Stadia worked really well and I so wanted to keep using it. Issue was, worse prices and less games. That's why nvidia GeForce Now is such a good idea. Similar technology, not quite as stable, but your games. It was also the one that made the idea really popular and I think is responsible for a lot of what we see. Also just bought an ABCs book
Rushboard Technologies
Rushboard Technologies Vor Monat
I really like the picture book. Children are being introduced to tech much earlier for STEM, so something that preschoolers can read alongside their parents is quite fun.
samtherat6 Vor Monat
I won’t lie, hearing about the book made me want to buy it less, especially the “L” one. Kids these days are playing mobile games with micro transactions. If they want better loot, they’ll just have to buy it.
StayWithYourself Vor Monat
In Hungary a 3090 costs around 3,1k $ :(
QJW Vor Monat
No one: Luke 0.00 seconds into the live stream: "Stupid."
Nimesh Rani
Nimesh Rani Vor Monat
51:38 I know I'm a week late, but you missed the chance to say "T is for Tech Tip"
Shawn Britton
Shawn Britton Vor Monat
Did he really make a power thirst parody? Wow
The Deer YT
The Deer YT Vor Monat
Linus can I have a tech tip?
Purity Music
Purity Music Vor Monat
Sooo. someone grabbed badcondoms.com and redirected it to lttstore.com..... oh dear?!
Daniel Vor Monat
People should be thankful the cards are in this high of demand. The more money nvidia rakes in and the more power the customers want the better. They will rush to meet the demand.
Chase Laughrey
Chase Laughrey Vor Monat
Honestly, I think for like the first couple months of a product launch companies should limit the purchasing amount per credit card, not by account, or transaction. Scalpers can easily just make dozens of accounts, but it's much harder to get dozens of cards. They could also use a que system like evga is using.
NTICompass Computers
NTICompass Computers Vor Monat
Try selling the kids book to MicroCenter! Every time I go there, they have a LTT video (or WAN show) playing on the TV by the PC components section.
Tuski Satti
Tuski Satti Vor Monat
fun fact : linus bought bad condoms (dot) com, it now redirects you to LTT store. nice !
Tyrion Vor Monat
1:15:14 can we talk bout the fact that Linus has a censor key so he can swear? xD
Marcus Rees-Whybrow
Marcus Rees-Whybrow Vor Monat
The little US Pint is 473ml (16oz), A proper UK Pint is 568ml (Imperial Pint - 19.21oz), and yes we drink Pints of beer
Tyrion Vor Monat
01:04:40 and 50% of them would still buy an iPhone 12 where you can’t exchange any parts xD
Juliett A
Juliett A Vor Monat
"Oh well..." And that's how capitalism eats our souls and burns up the planet.
Devon The Undivided
Devon The Undivided Vor Monat
Friend what is your profile Pic?
The B.T.G
The B.T.G Vor Monat
1:11:42 depost.info/one/video/o4Ziw5qXcZmet58.html ( at the 2:48 mark )
aleks138 Vor Monat
iirc philip defranco has a theater room and black 2.0 is almost as good as vantablack
WarhammerXLK Vor Monat
Well. Lets see. Great Reset program we in now pushed by world economic forum. Getting rid of cash. Rise of crypto currency and cashless society agenda push. Crypto replacing debit cards and cash. It makes sense they preparing mining for crypto.
redemption1991 Vor Monat
10:00 Or miners are willing to pay more than retail for the card given potential profit or performance of the card. Nvidia probably wouldn't want to sell the entire supply to miners either. During the rx 570 shortage, even at $400/2x market a card it was well worth purchasing. 13:00 AMD dominated because rx 570/580 was wayyyyy better at mining ETH. That's no longer the case for the most part.
IRMacGuyver Vor Monat
@59:10 the neighbor behind my house is on a different part of the grid than me. It happens all the time that one of us will have power but not the other. We have a crappy power grid and lose power during thunderstorms a lot.
Bound4Earth Vor Monat
You forgot Windows Phone, which could have thrived if their app process wasn't a pile of shit coded in Silverlight.
The Bowen
The Bowen Vor Monat
The issue I have with the new 30 series GPUs, is that the “affordable” part has completely gone out the window. The price hike on these now is ridiculous and has priced so many people out of a 3080, even if they could get one. In the UK the 3080 went from £580 up to over £760 and it’s climbing.
OctoMan PC's
OctoMan PC's Vor Monat
PoW is dead tho. Its all about PoS
Raven Vor Monat
In all honesty what Manufacturers and vendors need to do is allow for backorders.. it would stop scalper's business in their tracks or kill the practice.. Also charge steep restocking fees for these types of high demand items, so scalpers lose out if they attempt to return their stock when they struggle to sell them (normal buyers wouldn't be attempting to return the product, except defects which would waive the restocking fee but exchange only). Even if customers couldn't get their hands on in-stock items, most would be more than happy to pay to reserve/backorder the product direct from the manufacturer/vendor rather than being forced to end up seeking out scalpers due to it being "sold out" with zero option to backorder direct from a trusted vendor or manufacturer. I don't know how you didn't think of this as a solution without having to think of "big brother" methods. Lastly another simple thing that vendors can do is block VPNs, do not allow orders to be placed through a vpn, only allow orders one per IP address, and only allow one order per household.. so even if a scalper uses multiple credit cards or accounts or whatever way to attempt to circumvent the one order per customer, these scalpers will likely be attempting to ship the items to the same address and ordering from the same IP address, so by blocking addresses that have already ordered along with only allowing one order per IP, will at least help to reduce most non-sophisticated individual average joe scalpers.
Stanley Godfrey
Stanley Godfrey Vor Monat
I have been holding stock for 5 year now and making $35,000 but I earned $15,000 trading bitcoin a week. 🤔 This is the time we all need to look at bitcoin
Anurag Bisaria
Anurag Bisaria Vor Monat
The person who starts simply with the idea of getting rich will succeed also you must have a larger ambition, every once a while
Lara Johnson
Lara Johnson Vor Monat
Anyone who is not investing now is missing tremendous opportunity, I really fear a future without an investment
CollinS Vor Monat
A friend suggested I should invest for the long haul, I shouldn’t get to greedy and don’t g set too scared, but the problem is that I don’t have any clue on investing .
Jüngen Günter
Jüngen Günter Vor Monat
Wise spending is part of wise investing. It’s never to late to start
Jüngen Günter
Jüngen Günter Vor Monat
@Sai Arjun It’s the best crypto trading in America
wwwShadow7 Vor Monat
I feared a covid baby boom. But I recently saw an article that the opposite is true. But internet law or something, post something the opposite of what you want, and what you (the gov) wants becomes true.
wwwShadow7 Vor Monat
How do you tell how many friends you have? If you can still connect to the service, you have at least 1
maciekb26 Vor Monat
Just to add something valuable here... I remember when 20xx series were launched... higher prices, unavability for first 3 months... I have managed to get one 2070 for “high price”. Couple of months later, NVidia has released “super” versions, and those versions were cheaper comparing to price I paid.... This time, seriously, all should relax and wait. 4-6 months won’t make big difference, and you would be able to get something in reasonable price... As well, don’t pay extra to become beta tester of new cards...
Jack Talks Tech
Jack Talks Tech Vor Monat
Of course badcondoms.com redirects to lttstore.com
SakuraShuuichi Vor Monat
limit 1 per shipping and billing address.
Gruffydd Jones
Gruffydd Jones Vor Monat
Why didn’t they do F to pay respects
Jean-Fabrice JULIE
Jean-Fabrice JULIE Vor Monat
2016 was the best year to stop posting or checking facebook.
Sotzrem Vor Monat
I am buying 1 for my Little Brothers Kid XD
busywl69 Vor Monat
These companies don't care who purchases their product or the amounts they purchase at once. Especially with the every 2 year upgrade path folks take today. Linus, always pimpin' product lol. Had to FF all that.
Suijin Noname
Suijin Noname Vor Monat
Microsoft Pluton is your hardware DRM to prove who you are. Otherwise just do like Microcenter for the last 2 months with an actual physical line out front just for selling graphics cards.
Weedwackerization Vor Monat
Badcondoms.com now redirects to lttstore.com
Little Kaid
Little Kaid Vor Monat
Would Sidewalk still use bandwidth if access control was on?
Niclas Horn
Niclas Horn Vor Monat
Dude my work laptop is a gaming laptop, as soon i go on battery both CPU and GPU throttles down HARD! and its Intel and Nvidia RTX, så Intel can just shut their f-ing hole. and it is a LENOVO!!
Badluckdav Vor Monat
2025 HEADLINE: Brick and Mortar stores replace all online stores THANKS TO SCUMBAG SCALPERS
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson Vor Monat
Why wouldn't you just buy an ASIC if you were mining crypto, sigh.
Juniper Vor Monat
Wow. The text in the intro is much better when I can read it🤣
Elloli Vor Monat
RX 6000 isn't bought by miners, because it sucks for mining same for 3090 and 3070, and 3080 not all that amazing either, 98% of miners still buys 5600xt, 5700, 5700xt and such...
tastymonkey Vor Monat
Whatever you use as your primary calendar add all The birthdays of family and friends. That's how I remember that shit nowadays.
TechTite Vor Monat
Still wondering why "hackers" w/e you want to call them haven't DDoS or what not these sites. Also about the Amazon sharing wifi. How is this remotely(pun intended) legal? I pay for my data they don't so that is literally stealing.
Alex Vor Monat
They actually bought badcondoms.com domain and made a redirect to lttstore.com :))
Fredrik Tennberg
Fredrik Tennberg Vor Monat
Cryptomining is such a waste of energy. The most worthless polluter ever.
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren Vor Monat
i think the fact that these scalpers are so successful just shows that people are willing to shell out the extra money for the products which actually makes me think msoft and sony could of very well raised the prices on the consoles this generation and still gotten them to sell. so im very curious to see what the prices will be like next generation.
Ella TheBee
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Bubble Tea selber machen ist ne mittel gute Idee
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Ella TheBee
Aufrufe 175 Tsd.
Bubble Tea selber machen ist ne mittel gute Idee
Erkennst DU den Song? (mit Katja Krasavice & Elif)
World Wide Wohnzimmer
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