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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Sameer Apte
Sameer Apte Vor Stunde
I am actually quite disappointed that LTT decided to put up affiliate links for this tomfoolery. There is no real excuse for supporting (even if indirectly) pseudoscience that preys on people's irrational fears. Profiting off of it...that's even worse. LTT = integrity, to me, which is why I still watch. This is off the mark. There's only a small step between profiting off of an affiliate link, and selling the snake oil yourself.
Milo DH
Milo DH Vor Stunde
Linus really do be testing unprotected WAP
Krischna Gabriel
Krischna Gabriel Vor 2 Stunden
This is ridiculous ... This is so ridiculous xD
TheMacel66 Vor 3 Stunden
Someone keeps leaving pamplets in my local grocery store about how bad 5G is and i throw them away everytime i see them. They even made up some american scientist who vouches against it and provide no source on their claims.
MechaJeb Kerman
MechaJeb Kerman Vor 5 Stunden
Do they make a smaller size for my phone? Somewhat difficult to carry this one around.
Vady Vor 10 Stunden
Linus forgot to mention a pretty funny fact. Your light bulb produces more radiation than your WIFI and your 5G tower.
Weill Vor 11 Stunden
The amazon affiliate link :kekw
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD Vor 12 Stunden
... Maybe for a server room where you want wireless lan to access some devices close by and dont want "Hackers" to access your wifi? (trying to find an actual use case)
1stGruhn Vor 14 Stunden
the reason non-ionizing radiation cooks food is because it is causing the molecules to vibrate more rapidly... ie it just heats it up. Heat, after all, is literally just the phenomena that we experience from rapidly moving atoms/molecules. Radiation can increase this vibration due to the fact that certain molecules, like water, are charged in such a way as to interact with a specific frequency range of light. So whether you are imparting energy via an efficient method of directly heating the molecules in the food or the less efficient methods of heating everything via convection (ie traditional cooking), you are ultimately doing the same thing: cooking. Now the less efficient method might render superior results because it is a slower process and proteins and fats will be heated more evenly and might denature less (cooked meat IS denatured protein but can be done to different degrees). It is the energy level and focus of the radiation that matters. Microwaves are called micro because they have a smaller wavelength ie higher frequency than radio waves. But visible light is still more energetic. Ionizing radiation is ionizing because it can impart enough energy to atoms that they break off molecules. Thus they transform a bound atom to a free atom.. an ion. This is bad when it is your DNA...
Extrapaj Vor 16 Stunden
Why the hell would you wanna use wifi if you're afraid of it. Use cable like i do. It cured my aids instantly.
Evoque Media
Evoque Media Vor 17 Stunden
4:57 nice probe lens shot! btw... when's the review of the probe lens coming?
computer testing
computer testing Vor 18 Stunden
Electroboom's 'The Rectifier', LTT version
Chris Karadimos
Chris Karadimos Vor 19 Stunden
John Doe
John Doe Vor 20 Stunden
Without proper grounding these make for pretty poor faraday cages, that's why they are so bad at actually blocking the signal.
buerger3 Vor 21 Stunde
You dont get the point. A cage without grounding is an antenna ;) Same principal applies to tinfoil heads.
Sidney M
Sidney M Vor 21 Stunde
Add a "supreme" logo and they will charge 900$ for this.
Ryan Brewer
Ryan Brewer Vor Tag
I have said it before and I will say it again, some people are just too ignorant to use technology. Anyone buying products like this don't have any business using any wireless technology of any kind.
Brandon Belanger
Brandon Belanger Vor Tag
This video is the most useless & asinine topic you could have covered, completely undermining the technical capabilities of such a large and qualified crew. Which is exactly why I loved it, it was just pure unadulterated ridiculousness! I imagine this was also very quick to prep, produce and edit, given the lack of technical fact & data checking required! Win wins all round I presume; I hope you guys will keep more of such light-hearted fun poking coming in the near future! P.S. - Some constructive criticism: I found the bar charts in the wrap-up to be extremely unintuitive to digest. I'd like to think that this was just another subtle poke at the ridiculous notion of even presenting such data in a "scientific" format... But alas, I'm pretty sure I remember encountering very sinikl illustrated in very similar fashion for much more legitimate proucts across your channels. But in this case the simplicity of the relationships (as
Mode Z
Mode Z Vor Tag
Linus is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.
Carl Tercak
Carl Tercak Vor Tag
Next subject: chemtrails and lizard people 🦎
Craig Penfold
Craig Penfold Vor Tag
Light bulbs in your home emit electromagnetic radiation...
Martin Chromec
Martin Chromec Vor Tag
The number of unnecessary shit people manufacture and the number of idiots who buy those and believe in them is alarming.
Darren Kitchin
Darren Kitchin Vor Tag
@Linus - I am laughing at this, but I took key note of an operative wording they used - reduces "HARMFUL", so tbh I think it needs bigger testing compared to the so far comments (I am currently at 9mins in). I figured I'd say this now before I lose that thought, and keep watching. Further replies/comments to follow by the end :)
Darren Kitchin
Darren Kitchin Vor Tag
aite got to the end, yeah I would like to see some (non expensive) testing on things like harmful broadcasted wifi, I don't believe it causes damage but hey some do. Thanks for the video (and rofl, my last reply was essentially at the end). Cheers crew stay safe
Darren Kitchin
Darren Kitchin Vor Tag
mmmk, it almost seems to "amplify" the signal in some regards. But I do ask, what makes any wifi bandwidth harmful? I think that is the main issue to try address (at 12:28). One more last reply by the end of the video, btw thanks LTT crew you guys are proper.
Rob James
Rob James Vor Tag
I think it would work better if you just wore the box on your head.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor Tag
I'm sure every anti-masker has one of these in their home.
Charles Grove
Charles Grove Vor Tag
Even Walmart is selling these for $101, laughably under the Father's Day section.
Charles Grove
Charles Grove Vor 5 Stunden
@Creations Maxo I noticed that on further review of that listing(showing sold by someone else).
Creations Maxo
Creations Maxo Vor 9 Stunden
Actually, the Walmart website is not just selling things from Walmart, but is also just a selling platform like Amazon. The only thing that are actually sold by Walmart is marked with a "Sold and Shipped by Walmart" in the item description. The rest are just item listed by other companies with minimal implication of Walmart itself. (Walmart is only managing the shipping and handling the money exchange for a rate on the transaction.) I have seen many scam items (like what you see on on the Walmart website and those usually ends up being removed 1-2 months later once enough complains are filled against the seller.
Chris *
Chris * Vor Tag
wait, I can turn down my wifi to get a better signal in my apartment?
Brian Richmond
Brian Richmond Vor Tag
Put a faraday cage/tin hat on your head instead.
Akabe Animations
Akabe Animations Vor Tag
Would buy something like that as an NSA protection if it actually worked! xD
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor Tag
My room is already a faraday cage due to it's construction.
Ben Hodgson
Ben Hodgson Vor Tag
You know that Steve from @gamersnexus is looking at this going "the airflow should be good though"
Rhiley Waner
Rhiley Waner Vor Tag
Gotta admit the people who are running this scam are geniuses
Ev0ltion Vor Tag
If they are producing it, it means there are retards to actually buy it xD I guess i should start scamming my way to prosperity too since one of these is my weekly salary xD
Ev0ltion Vor Tag
Im actually curious if these are working faraday cages since my last attempt to built one failed miserably even tho i used copper mesh with 0.1mm gaps soldered the thing together and grounded it. Then placed my phone inside on a piece of foam to make sure its not touching the cage hoping to see no reception and then the physics said "f*ck you" to me and i still had a full reception. It was back at highschool and even my physics teacher was screatching his head on the thing beeing sure it was supposed to work.
MeMeMe Vor Tag
5:58 "Routers don't need to be put on microwaves or this box" LMAO
P L U T O Vor Tag
Rip off
Benjamin Bordelon
Benjamin Bordelon Vor Tag
We were having trouble with WiFi dropping out in the offices in my Dad's business. The access point was was located on the other side of the wall, so only a short distance away. After racking my brain for months, I finally figured it out. The wall between the access point and the offices had stucco on it, which is made with a metal mesh. The wall was basically a Farady wall. While it didn't completely block the signal, any devices using WiFi behind that wall would experience frequent signal drops.
Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong Vor Tag
Designed by famous lawyer Chuck McGill
Jason Jia
Jason Jia Vor Tag
The makers of this thing are professional memers
The Citadel
The Citadel Vor Tag
I can see a usage case for this sort of thing actually...but not for a WAP. I'm talking like a car key storage area, the faraday cage is pretty effective at stopping key cloning if you keep your car keys anywhere near your door/exterior walls (And you have keyless entry/start) And by "Sort of thing" I mean just buy a damn lockbox.
sad_cupcake Vor Tag
you might be able to get harmed by 5g if you hug the antenna
Lustubus Vor Tag
Honestly this could be a useful thing if it didn't cost a bunch. Use it for cramped spaces where you might end up needing to use every bit of your space, letting you store something on top of your router without suffocating it completely.... Like a cat.
Nik Louch
Nik Louch Vor Tag
That shot inside the box that pulls through the grommet - what lens, cos that was delicious!
indefinity Vor Tag
My room is already a faraday cage due to it's construction.
BlueF1SH Vor Tag
Light is also a type of electromagnetic radiation, but nobody looses their minds about it for some reason, nobody is selling big black boxed for people to sit inside the whole day.
Barney Randall
Barney Randall Vor 2 Tage
When will we be able to buy one from LTT store?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Vor 2 Tage
"I didn't have to worry about the thickness at all!" That's what she said.
_1C3_ Vor 2 Tage
s Vor 2 Tage
Why in the bloody fuck would you want a faraday cage for your router?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Vor 2 Tage
14:45 Holy Cow!!!! that is EXPENSIVE!!! in EU I pay €5 for 100GB in Russian I pay €0.5 for unlimited High Speed WiFi
Curiousity X
Curiousity X Vor 2 Tage
Killed u in my recent montage gg my king no cap :D
everythingdigital1 Vor 2 Tage
Surprised you didnt say monitors when listing out devices with electromagnetic radiation.. Fun fact monitors also cause non-ionizing radiation and with proper software and sdr you can re-compile a image from a monitor over software radio which is pretty cool meaning if your within range you can view peoples monitors no software or hacking to the other persons machine at all needed. Its called the tempest effect.
Bigboylittlefeet Vor 2 Tage
Vaccines don't cause autism, but a lack of them causes people to lock their routers in cages
dragade101 Vor 2 Tage
Linus do fact check yourself
dragade101 Vor 2 Tage
Devra Davis (PhD MPH, post Doc from Johns Hopkins) links several studies (found at that make a compelling case that cell phones emit enough radiation to affect breast tissue if worn close to your chest, i.e. under a bra. There seems plenty of evidence that radio signals, over time, can cause cells to mutate.
dragade101 Vor Tag
@Jannic Oder so do you have some studies you can point to
Jannic Oder so
Jannic Oder so Vor Tag
This is just untrue. Instead of just watching for "evidence" for that, you should take a look at the counter arguments as well. You should be able to see how this whole thing is just not true then.
dragade101 Vor 2 Tage
@Kais Jude! I missed your non sequitur! Go!
Kais Vor 2 Tage
Ovoless Vor 2 Tage
is this fucking real
Kouhei Massey
Kouhei Massey Vor 2 Tage
Talk about the noctua ANC fans eventually
dragade101 Vor 2 Tage
You can also turn off the radios and just use ethernet. 0 signals transmitted also achieve this effect and it is built into the router at no extra cost
dragade101 Vor 2 Tage
There serious about fucking around.
T_ C
T_ C Vor 2 Tage
I wanted to see you do a test for all the radiation. If it acts like a microwave it could block some signals but not others. Im curious as to what it blocks
Alex Rowe
Alex Rowe Vor 2 Tage
I have a challenge for ltt, can you make a working faraday cage that will make your WiFi useless for less than the cost of one of them.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Vor 2 Tage
Two points to remember: #1 Those are probably paid for reviews the bane of amazon reviews. #2 Many US cable providers include cable modems with built in wifi THAT you CANNOT turn completely off.. Although I would just buy and DSL or cable modem.
Connor Halleck
Connor Halleck Vor 2 Tage
Wifi Access Point
Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett Vor 2 Tage
apparently it stops aliens from taking over your internet connection too, so no more surprise attacks from mars
Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett Vor 2 Tage
is it me, or would the faraday cage make an unusual air cooled mini pc?
Angry Reviews
Angry Reviews Vor 2 Tage
14:45 Holy Cow!!!! that is EXPENSIVE!!! in EU I pay €5 for 100GB in Russian I pay €0.5 for unlimited High Speed WiFi
Ziplaw Vor 2 Tage
I didnt know Redstone Flux was harmful
Keehan Vor 2 Tage
Will the cable ties be available in the us
Arbys Vor 2 Tage
I found these at the dollar store they are called folder holders but nobody buys them because we all use computers now
Hizsmz Vor 2 Tage
well i mean if it does what it says it does whats the problem
PHOBOS Vor 2 Tage
@LTT review some emp proof faraday cages to keep our backup computers in for when everyone else is playing Fallout IRL
Alex Sullivan
Alex Sullivan Vor 2 Tage
Did not need that tunnel shot out of the grommet... But my gosh did I appreciate it
Hyphen 8d
Hyphen 8d Vor 2 Tage
I can't believe this is a bigger waste of money than Denis's Extreme Tech Upgrade
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall Vor 2 Tage
The unsuitable toad intringuingly supply because machine preliminarily train up a lucky birthday. aware, smooth submarine
Zahid Rasool
Zahid Rasool Vor 2 Tage
Could you do a review on this: . Just wanted to see of this works.
The Bird 2 Electric Boogaloo
The Bird 2 Electric Boogaloo Vor 2 Tage
Lol wtf
Ciaran Jack Douglas Diamond
Ciaran Jack Douglas Diamond Vor 2 Tage
Is excuse me pardon the Canadian way to say sorry what
Dodge Rider
Dodge Rider Vor 2 Tage
8:25 THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING A PRACTICAL SECURITY THING THAT PEOPLE CAN DO! I always feel like I'm the only one out here who has ANY idea... FINALLY someone gets it!
Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield Vor 2 Tage
There was a blind test where someone would complain about headaches due to the Wi-Fi router in the room, so blind testing was done covering the router with a plain cardboard box. The person still said they suffered headaches with the router turned off.
Shekel Snatcher
Shekel Snatcher Vor 2 Tage
Bruh got the wifi condom.
Berker Bozdoğanoğlu
Berker Bozdoğanoğlu Vor 2 Tage
That cage/mesh material is exactly the same that i use to keep my cats in the house. So it's technically a cage still :D
Joe Weller
Joe Weller Vor 2 Tage
try adding tin foil to the inside of it
Ozzy Helix
Ozzy Helix Vor 2 Tage
if I'm being honest the solution to the argument about whether 5G and WiFi are bad for you I think it relates to how the media report on radiation its a spectrum if the media reported on atomic accidents or anything relating to nuclear anything using the term Ionizing Radiation rather than saying Radiation it would make people understand the whole thing better I feel
Hayley Pond
Hayley Pond Vor 2 Tage
I'm sure every anti-masker has one of these in their home.
qed qubit
qed qubit Vor 2 Tage
cool camera move at 5:00 ! 🤔 wonder what a dollyzoom would'ave looked like though, moving through the hole... and what lens did you guys use ?
eaglesclaws8 Vor 2 Tage
No.... what.... the....spoof...
Pradeep Raghuraman
Pradeep Raghuraman Vor 2 Tage
But...but how did Linus survive? I thought for sure that he'd be melted into a puddle by the dangerous EMF.
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips Vor 2 Tage
People won't wear suncream, but they are terrified of a 5G signal mast 😂.
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips Vor 2 Tage
Now that is how you make money.
Brandon Fasan
Brandon Fasan Vor 2 Tage
Linus, I hope you were there only customer
Leopold Van Der Ormgroid
Leopold Van Der Ormgroid Vor 2 Tage
Probably some 20 year old "entrepreneur" doing this for the meme
Lars Breidenbach
Lars Breidenbach Vor 2 Tage
When people want to pay $100 for a paper holder, it shows you how far gone they are. Unlike their WiFi signal, that doesn't go far at all.
MrElcharlo Vor 2 Tage
if molded with a hammer, it can protect against covid 19 and 5g at same time without wearing a mask
l0k0 Vor 2 Tage
just wrap the antenna in aluminium foil
BlackIce504 Vor 3 Tage
it needs to be grounded faraday cage
ridefast0 Vor 3 Tage
An Alcatel Cell R&D expert told me the thing not to do is hand-held mobile in the car. The metal car body weakens the received signal which cranks up the transmit power, which is further increased by reflections and resonances within the car cavity, then you hold it as close to your brain as possible. Some significant warming of the brain was detected in experiments and whatever that is, it is not good! And all that on top of the driver distraction issue! The tinfoil helmet idea looks better and better.
Ai Man
Ai Man Vor 3 Tage
For god sake. I want booster.
Dima Vor 3 Tage
Chuck Mcgill is tying...
Bollynator Vor 3 Tage
Did you connect it to ground? A faraday cage should be
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Vor 3 Tage
"The law does not protect the dunb" a catchy phrase I did learn in my early law school years... 🤣
印場乃亜 Vor 3 Tage
Come on, the tin foil hat brigade is going to buy this stuff regardless of "science", so you may as well start making branded ones to sell on your store...
Martin Perry
Martin Perry Vor 3 Tage
I'm thinking that a large percentage of the American population could use such a device. Just think of all those unprotected brains! Edit: You can blame the Trump tariffs for the price markup, not the importer.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Vor 3 Tage
there will be a massive reduction in signal.
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