ULTIMATE RGB PC Tech Support Challenge!!

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Thanks to Intel for sponsoring PC Tech Support Challenge: RGB Edition! Our giveaway is closed, thanks to everyone who entered.
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Can our contestants FIX their RGB Gaming PC's?! Find out on Episode 2 of the PC Tech Support Challenge, powered by Intel.
Shout-out to everyone who participated! Go subscribe to their channels:
Co-Host: Dmitry @ Hardware Canucks
Contestant: ToastyBros
Contestant: KristoferYee

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Shawn Calhoun
Shawn Calhoun Vor 7 Stunden
Armchair quarterback.... I would figure a 15min disassembly, 30 min assembly, boot into BIOS, check settings and go from there.. But I'm just an observer. You never know what you'll do in real life until it happens.
HumourusLAV Vor 4 Tage
I want to see Jayz vs Kyle on the tech support challenge!!❤️
zhugedai 12
zhugedai 12 Vor 7 Tage
When to need some tech tips to get your tech tips channel working correctly
zhugedai 12
zhugedai 12 Vor 7 Tage
No offense to the contestants, I just didn't know who they were though
Death Be Told
Death Be Told Vor 8 Tage
Precious few 3080 but ships 4 can't even find 1
Nordby 9
Nordby 9 Vor 8 Tage
Did they send the systems to the wrong people? given the unigine scores... kris reached their score and tehy reached kris' score...
rc08zzr600 Vor 8 Tage
Next time Linus should take a shot at trying this before they send the systems to the contestants. It would make the commentary pretty interesting for him to be able to talk about this problems he ran in to.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson Vor 9 Tage
who wants Linus vs Anthony murder the like buttom
Ally4Gamer Vor 14 Tage
wow that was pain to watch. Why did you hire such stupid people. Just rebuild the whole system, I can do it in like 70 minutes
sxngularity Vor 15 Tage
hey linus to avoid the awkward silence in the beginning you should add a custom LTT countdown before live streams!
PapaBear TX
PapaBear TX Vor 16 Tage
Should have had jay and Steve jump on and commentate for a little.
Not4you not4you
Not4you not4you Vor 17 Tage
Tech tip challenge lol they should tech tip on audio lol what a joke lol.
DTR Gaming
DTR Gaming Vor 18 Tage
May be next time let it be subscribers turn
Domenic Perito
Domenic Perito Vor 19 Tage
what do you think is better for gaming running the OS off of an NVME or running your games off the NVME
Domenic Perito
Domenic Perito Vor 19 Tage
these episodes are great but the audio issues are annoying
Michael Montes
Michael Montes Vor 20 Tage
Mike Loeven
Mike Loeven Vor 22 Tage
To be honest I probably would have gutted the case and reassembled the PC from the beginning after seeing that that mess of cables fall out the side it would be alot faster than checking cables individually and any physical sabotage would be easily noticeable.
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin Vor 23 Tage
Fake Ram Sticks might be the PC equivalent of fake louvers on a car
Joke Assasin
Joke Assasin Vor 23 Tage
Don't quit your day job, singing ain't for you.
jam. Vor 24 Tage
Sucks how the audio issues made this completely unwatchable
Dee Willerd
Dee Willerd Vor 27 Tage
i wish i was on twitch n discord
Harley Smith
Harley Smith Vor 27 Tage
The horrible brush excitingly search because base canonically soak per a three patient. abrasive, previous ronald
These guys would fail hard in my line of work. Lol noobz
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips Vor Monat
But did Dmitry spend any time before this went live talking about needing a sandwich and some water?
Emil Alexandru
Emil Alexandru Vor Monat
I'd like to see Andy from eTeknix in one of these shows.
InfernoVortex Vor Monat
It's actually funny seeing Linus laugh when audio isn't working cause he seems like a nutcase 🤣🤣
InfernoVortex Vor Monat
It's also kinda meh that they know what to expect :/
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps Vor Monat
RGB is such a nightmare! Wouldn't recommend for any system builder who's not 121% on that light bullsh*t.
FreakyDude Vor Monat
when i saw the dark blue line and the dark green line above it i was like "no... it can't be...." and then when i saw the outline.... "omg its pepe...." and then when i saw the whites and reds i was like.... "he is doing it !! The legend lives !!"
Jojo Vor Monat
12 years earlier: Hi this is Linus Sebastian 12 years later: *silence*
beanwithbacon Vor Monat
Kristofer Lee is one of the most annoying and douchey tech DEpostrs. Having him on LTT just degrades the quality of whatever project he's involved in...
kent leonhart
kent leonhart Vor Monat
Now, we have winners and losers bracket for 2020.
kent leonhart
kent leonhart Vor Monat
The Verge PC guy vs Kyle
Peyton Dev
Peyton Dev Vor Monat
kent leonhart
kent leonhart Vor Monat
Hey! It's the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Jeff Wayne
Jeff Wayne Vor Monat
ToastyBros have good intentions, but they have shown many times in many of their videos that they only understand computers on the surface. They seem to lack basic know how of the deeper understanding needed to advise others.
Justin Berenato
Justin Berenato Vor Monat
Do Cong Tuan
Do Cong Tuan Vor Monat
The massive cheque traditionally please because jail incidentally head round a thin perfume. smooth, actually armchair
Cameron Webster
Cameron Webster Vor Monat
I want to see a version of this with Linux instead of windows
Accid_ttv Vor Monat
MASTR Jon Vor Monat
I’d smoke these dudes
XpodX Vor Monat
Cant wait for Kyle vs Paul!
KristoferYee Vor Monat
I FORGOT TO COMMENT ON THIS SOONER. Thank you so much for the opportunity :))) This was one of my favorite things I've gotten to do out of everything I've done with tech so far. If you guys ever need anything from me in the future don't hesitate to ask
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen Vor Tag
Been watching you with OTV then learned how you got Tina her 3090. 😂... Any chance you have any extra graphics cards laying around you wanna give/sell at not retarded prices? Not looking for a 3090 or anything maybe a 2060? Or a 3060 next February? Can't hurt to ask, worse case scenario is a no. Best case is a yes.
VINO 2 Vor 3 Tage
Une imagede
Brandon Hollowell
Brandon Hollowell Vor 27 Tage
Merry Christmas bud!
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips Vor Monat
I'm only just now getting a chance to sit and watch this. Congratulations Kristofer because I can't imagine the stress of trying to do all the troubleshooting on top of being on a livestream like that.
Eham Vor Monat
waitttt you play among us with otv and them
D S Vor Monat
Are half the CPU cores RGB blanks too? :P If Linus was a competitor, he wouldn't be done two weeks later.
István Szikra
István Szikra Vor Monat
1:47:20 I think he had asked if DIMMS were disabled in the BIOS because he realized that RAM is not correct. So, I think he knows there is a problem, but I think he doesn't know that half the sticks are fake (I would also never pay money for those things, I'm not surprised if he doesn't know they exist at all), and he thinks it's a BIOS config problem.
István Szikra
István Szikra Vor Monat
27:00 Why are they using 2 different mixer/audio output for the stream and Linus? And who is monitoring the stream, or why no one is? Technical issues unfortunately happen... a lot, because PCs are built as consumer hardware and not NASA/military reliability and most SW is plagued with bugs :(
ironpack is corona
ironpack is corona Vor Monat
Wait, Dmitri was in bulgaria when filming this video. I live there woww
Luke Tomlinson
Luke Tomlinson Vor Monat
You should have Hardware Unboxed for one of these challenges! These are fun!
Joshua Spires
Joshua Spires Vor Monat
Linus is way to lax on the points. need some one else to judge.
DoubleTrouble Vor Monat
Linus can I please help out the write/producer for the next time you guys do this please!!!! I'll volunteer for this.
Chrisara xo
Chrisara xo Vor Monat
Joshua Spires
Joshua Spires Vor Monat
linus,, you can have your to be employes test their skills in these challenges, and the reward is a job their. oh make it a tournament.
Cyrill Anicoche
Cyrill Anicoche Vor Monat
Dmitry : ... linus : yep,... yep,... yep,... yep,..., yep,... yep,... yep,... exactly, now the time for our sponsors
Tom Franco
Tom Franco Vor Monat
The improvement from Challenge v1 to v2 is huge.
Christopher Goerge
Christopher Goerge Vor Monat
The faithful building chronically cough because digital initially discover as a clammy season. nostalgic, astonishing meal
john turnbull
john turnbull Vor Monat
i skipped the rgb problems with all the different software and used my addressable rgb header and went thru the bios rgb controller on my asrock x570 tiachi
Ahror Yusupov
Ahror Yusupov Vor Monat
The subsequent linda comprehensively complete because drink ophthalmoscopically sign a a defeated square. helpful, voracious taste
Finland Journey
Finland Journey Vor Monat
1:42:55 OMG does he truly think Al Gore created the internet? Yeah there's a joke about it to mock him for saying he did, cos the man isn't too bright.
Lucas Hartmann
Lucas Hartmann Vor Monat
Interesting tip mechanics: The asking part pays, both parties listen.
Robin E
Robin E Vor Monat
Why so long? 😭 Who got time to watch three and a half hours of stream 🙈 Interesting challenge, watched the last one with Jay and tech Jesus, but can't spend like a week's worth of watch time on some guys I never heard of before. Shorter video appreciated.
Tony Frunk
Tony Frunk Vor Monat
These guys do this for a living?????
The Deer YT
The Deer YT Vor Monat
Linus can I have a tech tip?
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek Vor Monat
The sordid gold sporadically snatch because beetle inevitably mess up alongside a cloudy employer. tremendous, sick uzbekistan
Alex Quintana
Alex Quintana Vor Monat
cxx2... lol
Ant Rosa
Ant Rosa Vor Monat
Kristorfyer with the Mecha mat
xilix Vor Monat
I would just immediately be like "ok all three hints, fire away please"
Faseio Lasec
Faseio Lasec Vor Monat
The loud dinghy differently shiver because lunchroom optionally sign on a living car. nine, different fairies
Rosa Fields
Rosa Fields Vor Monat
The left german postnatally sprout because bar resultantly follow apud a curvy punishment. little, burly caravan
Benny T
Benny T Vor Monat
3:04:01 "They keep dying because they don't know how to fight the guys."
Benny T
Benny T Vor Monat
Do better. Be better. Be besr.
Benny T
Benny T Vor Monat
1:09:27 Linus and dimitri list all the things intentionally wrong in the systems they sent
COScience Vor Monat
Honestly thought that was Chris Pratt for a bit.
Benny T
Benny T Vor Monat
Remember way back about 8yrs ago when Linus and Slick would stream from a couch in Linus garage or basement and spend a good half hour just messing with the audio? Yeah, that hasn't really changed.
Gogo Dpl
Gogo Dpl Vor Monat
Bulgarian postal services, is Dimitri Bulgarian😮😮😮?¿?
Kawayolnyo Vor Monat
>"buy 10700K" link **laughs loudly in Zen 3** >"buy noVideo 3080" and "Aorus-instead-of-actual-PCI-e-4.0-a.k.a.-anything-on-E18 SSD" links **laughs even louder in RDNA 2 and Phison's new controller**
chris 1982
chris 1982 Vor Monat
Why cant you do this in/for quebec?
Tony E
Tony E Vor Monat
This challenge is too easy! I would rather see a challenge/setup against FANS! Also he has never had any Black people on his show outside of MKBHD. Love LMG but there is very little inclusion of Black people...
Alphabeta Vor Monat
love these! hope you do more
Čedomir Ilić
Čedomir Ilić Vor Monat
BTW, no bios reset rule is so arbitrary, and stupid it kinda breaks my suspension of disbelief. If you have to enforce it, give a reason, like a custom xmp profile loaded that will be lost on reset and which will cost the competitor a few points during benchmark, perhaps make the amount the same as the bonus point for time you can get....
Chui Throwaway8
Chui Throwaway8 Vor Monat
Toastybros and Kristoferyee: Troubleshooting a System unit LTT: Troubleshooting Audio 🤣
Braden Arnold
Braden Arnold Vor Monat
I honestly thought Linus was joking around when he was muted. 21:48
Big Dubyuh
Big Dubyuh Vor Monat
He said Fingys he plays phasmophobia
Sedi xMrBoss
Sedi xMrBoss Vor Monat
This showed that LTT has no idea how to make a livestream... LOL.
tokkyuuressha Vor Monat
3:15:15 what the actual fuck linus? He animated a freaking PEPE and you give him a 4 out of 5? Thats really unfair
tokkyuuressha Vor Monat
Linus: Do the goddamn thermal benchmark Chris: BUT MUH PEPE RGB
Kamology Vor Monat
2:13:28 Jesus Christ
i watch a lot of among us gameplay with kristofer in it that i forgot he's a tech tuber
Ethan Machac
Ethan Machac Vor Monat
Does anyone have a timestamp for when Linus sung the computer bone song? I would love to show this to my friend but can't find it.
I n33d a nam3
I n33d a nam3 Vor Monat
I am an active contributer to OpenRGB which solves almost entirely the RGB software problem And while OpenRGB isn't an effects engine, using something like artemis as an effects engine is totally an option
hipnyah Vor Monat
this is like computer sudoku
Edward Booker
Edward Booker Vor Monat
wow this is disturbing but i love this channel
Robert Richard
Robert Richard Vor Monat
How is it a challenge to get a cpu to post? Theres like 10 parts to these pc's. Its not rocket science. *shrugs*
Burton Guster
Burton Guster Vor Monat
Ultimate challenge would be which new gpu is best at vr!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Vor Monat
just watching this rgb challenge, having a right laff at some of the stuff. But and it's a very big but. are these really support tech folk's . Seems like they and everyone else thought it's about the RGB . They both stuck on the real tech support fixing a machine,,,,,,,, Not RGB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
pcnerd19 Vor Monat
I know ltt isn't really a liinux focused channel, but it'd be cool to see a linux based challenge with Anthony and one of the other linux youtube channels.
Draken X
Draken X Vor Monat
Ok, so I was listening to this video in the background while I work on my PC and getting my steam controller to work with UWP, I when off looking for my steam controller receiver (found it) and meanwhile, my steam controller was connected via Bluetooth (bad connection, thus was looking for the receiver). Meanwhile, I keep hearing the hardware connect and disconnect sound and I thought it was my steam controller connecting and reconnecting via Bluetooth... just realized it was this video this whole time ... 😅
Maynne Millena-Millares
Maynne Millena-Millares Vor Monat
What we have here is the birth of a new sports category for future Olympics.
David Willems
David Willems Vor Monat
What is this? Are you kidding me?
u8qu1tis Vor Monat
Pepe theme best theme.
dima_bamf Vor Monat
Impossible to watch, epic organization fail.
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