Water Cooling the RTX 3090 is... More Complicated

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We want to build some water cooled PCs with the RTX 3090, but just how small of a radiator can we use and still have reasonable temps?
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Akhmad Hilmy
Akhmad Hilmy Vor 15 Stunden
But someone going to put dual thick 480 for just 1 card
lulans02 Vor 18 Stunden
no way he said "best case senario" 1:56
Andrew Magdaleno
Andrew Magdaleno Vor 19 Stunden
Love the sponsor segways brother
Betacookie Vor Tag
I would have loved to see more data like coolant temperature and GPU powerdraw.
Jr Awr
Jr Awr Vor 3 Tage
This is beyond dry. Lol very educational but my God this is so dry
Mike's Tech Talks
Mike's Tech Talks Vor 3 Tage
Wow MicroCenter. I remember walking in to their Lane Ave. Store circa fall of '84 and talking w Baker.
Théo poilmek
Théo poilmek Vor 4 Tage
always make a push pull system with a radiator 120 mm
Communism1425 Vor 4 Tage
Wheres the coolinator
doublepoil Vor 5 Tage
So what about the backplate temp in the other test?
ForbiddenFateGaming Vor 5 Tage
*relative thiccness*
Uncle Anon
Uncle Anon Vor 6 Tage
I would make a "out of stock" comment but we really shouldn't want a 2000$ graphics card in stock at all. The time of the rope will come for you "Influencers" and I personally can't wait.
TheSydguy30 Vor 6 Tage
How on earth do you tell what the GPU memory temps are instead of just the GPU core...... cannot find any program to tell me.
DanderJohn Vor 7 Tage
THERE'S A VISE 2 FEET BEHIND YOU ALEX! It hurts me every time you work on something that should have rigidity and those damn clamps that are made for wood working are used. Get some soft jaws and hold stuff properly please! But I almost think you're doing it to troll everyone. You get a better finish, less effort is used, and less time is taken when work is rigid, and you're a really smart dude, so I am leaning towards this being an ongoing joke for us shop guys to get triggered over. If so, you got me!
TommyT628 Vor 8 Tage
Has anyone noticed that the 3090 has 3x 8 pin connectors or the same as a 24 pin motherboard connector
LunAtic Vor 8 Tage
Meanwhilee trying to cool my intel hd 6000 graphics
VIPER Vor 10 Tage
Half of the 3090 stock that's left is in his hands. Don't drop it.
Toastyfrown Vor 11 Tage
if you can afford an rtx 3090 you should be able to afford 9 fans on your case
Bob Lee
Bob Lee Vor 11 Tage
Who cools their 3090 with a custom loop and then uses an aio? Should have tested in the same loop so the data was actually useful
Rasmus Skinlo
Rasmus Skinlo Vor 11 Tage
Why would you want smaller pocket bulge?
Sundade Gaming
Sundade Gaming Vor 11 Tage
sooo you’re supposed to cool your gpu?
Jeremiah Kinkle
Jeremiah Kinkle Vor 11 Tage
GME stock
AlamoSimon Vor 12 Tage
Some water temperature readings would have been nice... I can‘t imagine the water to be at a reasonable temperature in the one fan and maybe also the two fan setup.
97JoMiller Vor 12 Tage
what app are you using there for the smart fan controls? Is that just the bios or an app?
The Gaming Apprentice
The Gaming Apprentice Vor 13 Tage
Hey Linus can you test one of the 30 series hybrid cards?
jensJP Vor 13 Tage
I accidentaly put it at 1.25x, but it wasn't actually too bad
Roberto Tomás
Roberto Tomás Vor 13 Tage
Is a triple sensível if you also have a cpu waterblock?
Karben Feibar
Karben Feibar Vor 13 Tage
*opens video* Me: Don’t hold it like that Linus: Touches fan Me: *aggressively shits myself*
Sharxcy t
Sharxcy t Vor 14 Tage
1:29 rtx dirty naughty
Blablou Bloubla
Blablou Bloubla Vor 15 Tage
Half the comments be like : AYO WAS THAT PUN INTENDED 1:55 and the other half : Damn bro I thought y'all were cutting off the card not the block I had a heart attack
Slayer lol
Slayer lol Vor 17 Tage
People I need to tell you something thing Me:this is the Linus is f Linus tech tips gunshot heard in a alley way
Mees Vor 17 Tage
10:01 me after a disappointing tinder date
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Vor 17 Tage
must i replace the backplate of a card when putting a waterblock on? or can i use the stock backplate? wondered for a while now haha
Anaximander Vor 18 Tage
even I did see that gpu will not contact with the block from here while watching...
97JoMiller Vor 18 Tage
man, those are some big hoses lol. my water coolers don't have anything nearly that large
Attila Drop
Attila Drop Vor 18 Tage
i like how i can't even buy one because out of stock and he already water cooling one. feelsbad
AnimatedCaboodl Vor 19 Tage
A single RT core of that GPU is more powerful than my all in one
Ward's Yard
Ward's Yard Vor 20 Tage
I have a 3090, 3 thick radiators (two 360s and a 480) but still waiting on my waterblock ahhahaha
Christian Strohm
Christian Strohm Vor 22 Tage
EK NEED to release their 3090 FE edittion waterblock...please, i want one XD
The Buddies
The Buddies Vor 22 Tage
Someone sticking scissors into the water pump to get rid of the bubbles on the left 11:14
Lloyd Kenney III
Lloyd Kenney III Vor 23 Tage
thanks for the video
John Cedrick Baldoza
John Cedrick Baldoza Vor 23 Tage
just dunk it in dielectric water and call it a day.
Aurum Faber
Aurum Faber Vor 25 Tage
Woken in a nutshell
tillfällig föryt
tillfällig föryt Vor 26 Tage
you could tested tripple with push and pull and see if that made a diffrence :)
Patrick Carrillo
Patrick Carrillo Vor 26 Tage
For the folks that never water cooled ba video card before video cards when water cooled with a full cover GPU block become completely different animals they aren't like CPUs at all because they don't have an IHS on the die It's die directly to water block or heat sink And even with the biggest of heat sinks GPUs create a lot of focused heat And that's where full cover water blocks shine the most and That's why when you water cool a video card you can expect the temperatures to be cut in halfgraphics cards and water are like chocolate and peanut butter they're a match made in heaven
Aurum Faber
Aurum Faber Vor 25 Tage
Mmm, Reese's
Team Rocket
Team Rocket Vor 27 Tage
if i buy a big radiator like that with no air flow i would cut a hole
jason allan evans
jason allan evans Vor 28 Tage
I bet that FLIR camera is worth more than most people pay for a brand new car.
Near Future
Near Future Vor 28 Tage
My 3090 rotec card will idle at 23c then after 10mins of gaming, boost clock around 1875mhz. Temp at 65c with a triple slim EK rad (it's on it's own loop) do you have magic water or something lmao
Benjamin Hocking
Benjamin Hocking Vor 29 Tage
Likewise, new high res games don't see a lot of CPU, soooooo don't render movies on 6 cores in the the background wile playing Cyberpunk and you are probably going to be ok.
Celestria jabba
Celestria jabba Vor 29 Tage
@LTT why do i get such bad 2d passmark scores on my 3090 on windows 10?, i got a 10850k 32gb of ram on a rog max XII and any suggestions would help. All my other scores are in the 90th place percentile....
Mike Z
Mike Z Vor 29 Tage
Can you do a tutorial on how to actually buy one of these ?
Kaden Leatherman
Kaden Leatherman Vor Monat
What about 3090 and threadripper all on a 4 fan think boi???? (I would go ahead and say a 16 or 24 core)
Bring me Peter pan
Bring me Peter pan Vor Monat
So I just ordered an EVGA 3080 FTW3 and I was looking at the pictures... This bitch needs THREE 8 PIN PCIE PLUGS! :( shit... Guess I'm replacing my 650 watt psu with a 750 or 850 that has more pcie power plugs.
Bobbydog66 Vor Monat
1:55 Pun.
ZaneofAustin Vor Monat
that water cooled card looks like the future
Perigee Dynamics
Perigee Dynamics Vor Monat
Can Canada have some microcenters please
Threevity Vor Monat
So, you mean to say that my dreams of getting 3x 360mm rads for a 5800X and a 3080 should really remain dreams? And, that I should probably only have 2x 360mm rads? :( Okay fine, I'll go with 2x 360mm then.
The Talented One
The Talented One Vor Monat
“I’ve never been so excited to take something apart” he says while holding a 3090 and there’s me looking at my 650
WinBombs Vor 10 Tage
Get a job
Capek yaw
Capek yaw Vor Monat
UthacalthingTymbrimi Vor Monat
1:53 "Best case scenario" ...I see what you did there
NNoted Vor Monat
Talentfrei Vor Monat
and i put 3 480er Radiator in my Case for my Rtx 3090 and my AMD R9 3900xt maybe it is a litte to much 😅🤣
N J Vor Monat
We dgaf you can't buy these stop talking about the 30 series
3xplos1onTV Vor Monat
Ooh what case is that? I've been in the market for a new one and I really like the looks of that one.
Stealthmuiz Vor Monat
SuperSaneJesus Vor Monat
just got the 3090 trinity
Inferus Child
Inferus Child Vor Monat
Future proofing you say. I have 2 quad-rads in my rig. One for the cpu and one for the gpu just because they fit in my massive fish tank. They will be passed down for generations to come. lol
Gliscorr Vor Monat
I think Linus got a hair cut
IRAQi PRO Vor Monat
Amazing frame rate, sadly the human eye can only see "out of stock"
blake Vor 18 Tage
I got a 3090 😁
stubones Vor 23 Tage
Most accurate 3090 comment ever.
nizar zki
nizar zki Vor 25 Tage
lmaoo underated
Shalashaska 994
Shalashaska 994 Vor Monat
Alex got some serious bulge
It’s Ya Boy Steve
It’s Ya Boy Steve Vor Monat
My sli rtx 2080ti founders edition cards get about 33 degrees Celsius.
Crazy TD
Crazy TD Vor Monat
The comment above me IS MEGA GAY
Marko Koivisto
Marko Koivisto Vor Monat
Funny video it was. I have installed EKWB-block to my Asus rog strix RTX3090 and it works perfectly and block fitted as always, perfectly. I hate cutting thermal pads, otherwise installing block went quite easily. I use 2 radiators (35mm and 24mm) both with 2 fans. Overclocked to 2050MHz, card heats up to 66°C when overstressed using furmark-bench.
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Vor Monat
McLaren 765LT Porsche 992 Turbo S Ferrari 488 Pista
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Vor Monat
Nice sized hot plate for bacon grilling or baking salmon etc.
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Vor Monat
Hi I'm the verge guy and you are doing that wrong.
seven Vor Monat
This guy don't know how to apply thermal paste.
Carsten Haag
Carsten Haag Vor Monat
whats the temps when radiator mounted inside case?
karim toutseul
karim toutseul Vor Monat
can i be your son plz
Konkov Vor Monat
Can’t wait for the day when you have to water your pc like a plant
Enrico Drawe
Enrico Drawe Vor Monat
(1x 120mm radiator for about 150w of heat and 1x 140mm radiator for about 200w of heat) and u should be fine
Sky Avila
Sky Avila Vor Monat
Protip: Use a vinyl glove to spread the thermal paste with your finger. Easy and no mess...one of many ways to apply it.
Der Günni
Der Günni Vor Monat
Why you need for yours RTX3090 3x pins of 8. my card need only 2 pins of 8.if the diference of electricity USA 110~120 Volt - Europa (Germany-Austria) 220~230 Volt!?
Velvet Thunder
Velvet Thunder Vor Monat
where can you get a gpu for 175$ let alone a pretty decent one???
DatKidKay Vor Monat
9:44 . The Subtitles Say 10 ADTI . Instead Of 1080ti
Voyz Brigade Cafe
Voyz Brigade Cafe Vor Monat
where's linus? what happen to him?
Wowil Vor Monat
So happy for linus that he is happy what he does now been watching him for 5+ years
xVen0m7 Vor Monat
4:15, confirmed, LTT Group are not real people
Francesco Magliocco
Francesco Magliocco Vor Monat
Will that EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX 3090 fit in the O11 Dynamic XL? I know for the non XL variant, the side panel won't go on. I've ordered the XL hoping that the extra centimeter will allow the side panel to go on. Can you guys test it and let me know please?
Alaire Ackland
Alaire Ackland Vor Monat
Half of the video is Riley admiring the card.
gagstr Gster
gagstr Gster Vor Monat
Wait just a minute there Linus, you just said the rez and pump combo was good at removing bubbles due to vortex mambo jumbo 6:04 but at the 11:13 mark, we clearly see someone stabbing it with a pair of scissors to remove bubbles. Essplain please! Also I'd like to segway into begging for a PC even though you just gave one away and said you wouldn't ever do it again. Pretty please I have a dying goldfish and it was his last wish.
Janis Lubgans
Janis Lubgans Vor Monat
I've got no problem with cooling 3090 or 3080, or 3070, actually also 3060 Ti, 6800 and 6800XT... oh and even PS5
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden Vor Monat
jesus that aircooled asus card is YUGE
Jif Pom
Jif Pom Vor Monat
i jumped when linus started talking again
Nastyboii 92
Nastyboii 92 Vor Monat
this was the best sponsor segway intro LOL
Martin Rapavý
Martin Rapavý Vor Monat
Still, if you can go for 14cm fans and corresponding radiators, it will be a better choice than 12cm fans and corresponding radiators.
DigiVore Vor Monat
yo the watch code has the word AIO in it lol
Bence Kis
Bence Kis Vor Monat
3:44 which music?
Just rigged one last night to a 120 slim with 2 fans push pull gaming 2k ultra 60 @ degrees
Anthony Huhn
Anthony Huhn Vor 2 Monate
@1:51 You forgot the dad stare after, "you want best case scenario."
John Smith
John Smith Vor 2 Monate
Not very practical. Show me a video where they can actually fit that in a case because it appears impossible for him to put the side panel on with that installed.
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